Monday, November 7, 2011

happy monday!!!

Happy Monday (eve) almost!!! haha!! I meant to do a post earlier this morning but between school, things around the house, some phone calls, getting laundry going so Bethany  and Elijah have the things they will need to tomorrow as they depart tomorrow for Illinois and Wales.....whew.......and addressing another 1oo letters for Daniel, it just did not happen! I probably should be doing something else, but oh well!!! I will have to be quick, need to get the Chicken and Spinach Pasta Bake going for dinner and before volley-ball tonight!! If you think about it, pray for Bethany and Elijah as they travel by air tomorrow. Bethany will of course arrive in Illinois after lunch but Elijah and Mrs. Naylor will not arrive in Wales until Wednesday! They have a daughter, Macy who is Hosanna's age who will be staying with us a few days and then Friday, Anna's friend Ellie will be arriving from MD. Soooooooo, a bit on the busy side. I feel like I am  on high speed all the time!! Meanwhile I got another Christmas tree off Craigslist!!! Its 9 feet and I am sooooooo excited to decorate it!! We have the 12 foot and the 7 1/2 foot one too, but I am trying to decide if I am going to put the 12ft one up because the spot I had it last year is really a high traffic area, (it wasn't last year because we did not have the kitchen cabinets) The 9ft tree was only $40 and it is a beautiful tree, a super deal on that one!! I have so many ideas from searching on Pinterest, not only with tree decorating but with holiday cheery things that I am in love with!!! Oh my, how did we live without Pinterst, fb, cell phones, txting, whole computers on our phones......its really amazing how much is at our fingertips! Just need to always make sure the Scriptures are first, and its a challenge sometimes! I read a verse this morning that is a wonderful verse for meditating on. Sometimes things circumstances seem like impossibilities. Will God, can God??? Joshua 4:23, For the Lord your God dried up the waters of Jordan from before you, until ye were passed over, as the Lord your God did to the Red sea, which he dried from before us, until we were gone over. As I look back, God has surley "dried up lots of waters" for us where we could pass through to what seem like impossibilities or just too hard from our perspective. I like getting on the other side of things which are before us that seem difficult, whether its circumstances, finances, temptations, trials, and all the things we face while here. I want to pass over on "dry" ground. I dont want to feel like I am sinking or drowning. I was encouraged as I read this verse that God is going to be Faithful to get us over, to let us pass over what er may be our Red Sea. He took us Faithfully through the Sea of Grief and I know He will take us through the "seas" we face now. Yesterday, November 6th in 2006, was the day we took Joel to the Dr. for his first visit to try to figure out why he had fevers the whole month of Oct. I will never forget that day. A little blood work, sent us home and said to take some iron supplements. Our hearts were relieved for only a time, until the fevers persisted. How can I ever grasp the thought of what was really happening inside his little body being destroyed by cancer and would not even know until the first of Dec. Thats where the peace of Christ enters in and gives a peace that passes all understanding. I cant grasp it, I can only rest that and still seek to, that an eternal plan was being carried out for a precious 3 yr old little boy that He formed and fashioned together for our family to have for 3 years, 4 months and 10 days. We are blessed to be a partaker of a heavenly plan! So today, as I reflect back on 2006, I am comforted that we will and can pass through the "seas" that are before us  now, just as He Faithfully took us through  the greatest sea we had ever passed through. He will do no less for you too, if you are His child!

How many felt he EARTHQUAKE Saturday night????? Wow, that was bizarre!! I had just layed down and heard this lour roar, kind thought it was thunder at first but I was like thinking, " I dont think Terry mentioned bad weather!" It felt like it was coming towards me! I raised my head up off the pillow and Terry just walked into the bedroom and I screamed, "its an earthquake!!!" Then I jumped outta bed and was trying to get passed him and was saying "I gotta go see if they can feel it!!" I ran in to the LR and most everyone was in there and it was just almost over. The house was creaking and groaning and the bed literally shook as I was in it. It was soooooo wierd!!!! I cant imagine being in a real one with all the buildings crumbling, gives a new perspective to think of what many went through.  Surely the Lord's coming is near!! Are you, we ready???

Well, I have definitely got to go now!!! Blessings to you all and thank you for some of you responding to Daniel's letter about his missionary trip to Australia in Jan, via this blog. If you have not read it yet, please scroll down a few posts and check it out! Excited to see how God will show himself strong to Daniel and this endeavor!!

Have a great evening!!!


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Teena said...

Wow you do have a lot going on! Praying for Bethany and Elijah.... also for Daniel. Praying for you! Mandi went to YWAM in Jan. 2008.

I always have you on my heart more so this time of year.... by God's grace.

I would love your recipes. The rolls and also the chicken thingie you are making.

Oh and love your pics below,

Much love,