Friday, November 25, 2011

travelers are back to my favorite place.......home!!!

headed South with 6 movies.......that should work!!!

 happy travelers!!! (most of em)

Good evening Texas, your sunsets are pretty!!!

almost there......where?????...... to grandmother and grandfathers house

one of the best things about the Thanksgiving trip.......these 2 flew in from MD!!!!

Wednesday, we went to Terry's high school gym and played vb!! an awesome gym!!!

we also stopped in at Terry's brother's batting cages! He is a trainer for guys and gals!

everyone tried out the equipment!! .......but all were VERY sore the next day!!!

Mercy liked the cool playground at the gym!!

vb rest!!

Wednesday eve, we had some playing going on in one room and...........

..........some dancing going on in the other room!!!!!
Pop and Nana were cutting some moves!!!!

the weather was incredible!!!

Jerry, my brother-in-law......well, he is just a little on the wild and crazy side!!!!
he brought up some wild turkey and pheasant that he had killed and smoked them as
appetizers!! They were awesome

so good to visit with folks we only see once a year!!

not only lotsa food, but lotsa football!!!!

Pop read a song before our Thanksgiving meal, "Precious Memories," so many wonderful
memories with people that were not there. He read all the names of family members who are with the Lord, that had once attended our Thanksgiving get was our little Joel!

WOW!!! sooooo much food!!! Thanks Nana for preparing all of it!!!

the doggies wanted to join in on the festivites of eating too, and I think they new
Pop would help them out.......we had our 2 doggies and Terry's sisters 3 doggies all in the house with
22 humans!!!! hahah!!!

craZy cousins!!!!!

of course I am going to take tons of pics of these two......i dont see them all the time!!!!

did they ever get separated?????? NO!!!! hahha!!!

must I continue lessons while on vacation????? Oh yes.........I dont think she minded at all!!!!

.......piano and singing lessons

if I could only bring the weather and these trees home!!!!!

well, its time to say so-long Texas!!!!!

 its time to leave the big city and go to my farm!!

i dont think I can say I will miss you....... you see I am a country gal!!!

so, Mr. Houston, take care of Texas for me!!!!!!

well, we almost made it home uneventfully........bu the doggies had to stop at Walmart
and do a little Black Friday shopping!!!!! (JUST KIDDING)
we had a battery problem, sooooooo it all worked out, well, except me chasing the little
brown dog through Wal mart because he jumped out of my arms as we sat on the bench!!!

 I even brought a Texas ornament home for our Oklahoma Cowboy Tree
.........farewell Texas!!!

I guess I will tell you the bad part of the trip!!! Wanna hear it?? Well, Tuesday in the am Mercy woke up throwing up!!! Terrible!!! So we did not leave until after lunch!!! She puked many times on the trip....ugh!!!! So by the time and late evening we got there she was doing fine!! But in the am Thursday morning Terry got it and puked ALL night long!!!! He was in the bed til way after lunch on Thursday!!! AND Jeremiah and his cousin Garrett (same age) got it and were sick ALL day Thursday too!!! Then Thursday evening and into the am this morning Joshua puked!!!! Now can you believe all that!? I felt not so well coming home but I hope it is staying away!! Terry and I and 6 of the younger ones came home today and the rest of the children are traveling back home tomorrow, so I hope they have missed it!!! YIKES!!!!

It was a fun time with family we do not see often and Kristen got to meet them!!! I dont think we scared her off!!!! I think she handled it all very well and she fit right in!!! 

Hope you all have a blessed weekend!!! I am looking forward to sleeping in my bed tonight!! Did you get the impression I like OKLAHOMA and being at home????? 


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