Friday, November 11, 2011


 Hey its    11/11/11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you all notice that????????????

I am gonna go ahead and do my regular Instafriday even though I am not linking up with Jeanette over at Life Rearranged, she has something else going on today but next Friday I will link back up with her!!!! But I will show you some stuff we have been doing this week via Iphone pics, because that is what Instafriday is all about, catching moments, people, pets, things, and whatevers with a phone camera!! Its my best friend these daZe!!!!

Oh, before the pictures, Elijah and Melissa's mom made it safely to Wales and also Bethany made it safe to Illinois and is being a big help to Danielle and her husband and their sweet little baby, Layton!!! So thankful for all that!!!

this shirt belongs to Josiah Morris!!! perfect!!

do you see something in the middle of the log?????? Its a star!!!! Can anyone explain this???? Joshua was splitting wood and noticed it!!!!

I wonder if the horse enjoyed his ice cream sandwich???? somebody did not throw their trash away!!!!!

new polish for the nails and tootsies!!!

boys will be boys......popped popcorn over a candle in the worked!!!!!!

Anna and I made donuts last night......a big mess, but yummy!!!


computers, computers how we love/hate thee!!!!!

and of course this was our 25th anniversary week!!!! yay!!!!

trying to figure out the "sock bun" on my friend Natalie .....makes beautiful curls.....if you can figure it out!! google it and see!!!

I went to the North Pole.......that place is a Christmas Store delight!!! Wow!!!!!

Bethany is gone so Duffy rebels when she is not here and escapes outside.........and it rained and it was sooooo muddy and so we have a very dirty doggie!!!! He had to get a baffeeeeee!!!!! He dont likey!!!! Rebellion causes consequences.....if you would just stay in Duffy and be obedient!! hahah!!!!

Well, that about totals up our week!!!! Hope your capturing special moments with your family, friends and whatevers!!!! If not, start now!!!

Happy Friday!!!!



Brittney said...

Sock curls?! Haha...we just did that last night :-) It worked! How did it work for y'all?

sarah b said...

sounds like you had an eventful week! :) :) the donuts look reeeeally good.

say hi to ellie for me!!! i miss her :(