Monday, November 21, 2011

a lil' party!!

How many of you all do Pinterest???? Now let me ask you how many of you 'DO" the stuff on Pinterest???? People make all these boards of recipes, places, clothes, hair, ideas for parties and on and on and on!! I have to say I love "pinning" and looking, its addicting!!! But I saw this really cute idea with 3 little buckets filled with marshmallows, candy, and coffee sticks and it gave me an idea to do a little party for the little children when we decorate our tree. (we have 3, but I only have two done so far!!!) Anyway, we had this lil party!!!! We had Bing Crosby blaring loud, yummy stuff to drink and eat and a tree to get all dressed up!!! I hope it was a memory maker! I just love the Holidays!! Well, whether you do Pinterest or not, make some memories with your family!!!


 I was so happy to find the scarf at a resale store for $3!!!!!!!

 grabbed some cheery cups at Target!!

eeek.......needs help!!!!

 a must for Christmas time!!! that is a "cup o cheer!!"

i have never liked candy canes, but some LOVE them at our house!

 a party is not a party w/o M&M's

 the magical stuff!!!

 the glitz and glamor!!


the 3 lil' buckets-o-stuff!!! 
Pinterest idea!! haha!!

starting to look a lot like Christmas!!!

I know, we still gotta get through Thanksgiving......and thats very soon and then I cant wait to get Christmas seriously underway!!! yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Liv said...

So cute. I love pinterest--and actually have tried several craft, hair, and recipes ideas I've found. So many ideas and so little time. =)

Liv said...

P.S. Would you post a link to your pinterest so that we blog readers can follow you?

Teena said...

Haven't figured out pinterest but really want to...

For years we have made a special night of tree decorating. We make finger foods, play Christmas music and laugh a lot. We have ornaments that we have collected through the years so nothing matches. We love it though. This will be our first year that Michael/Amber will not be here.

Today we went to a bigger city (Dakota had a dental appt) and we went to the mall, Target and Hobby Lobby. I found some great things in HL. It had half off Christmas items/decorations!

sorry so long...