Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a sweet boy!!!

Remember Bethany going to Illinois a week or so ago?? She went to see her bestie friend, Danielle and to help with the baby while she had a gall bladder surgery.....eeeek!!!! (Danielle is doing good by the way!!!) Bethany was in her wedding and the last time Danielle and Aaron were here, she was prego!! Well, I meant to share a picture along time ago but i just totally forgot about it but when Bethany showed me these pictures I HAD to show you!!! Now this is what I call ADORABLE!!!! Meet Layton Russell and he is 3 1/2 months old now!!!! Bethany has just gone on and on how precious he is and I sure wanna meet this little guy so he can figure out what he will call me, hahah!!! I am so happy and proud of Danielle! I know many years ago and alot of long talks and alot of prayer and encouraging her that God would be Faithful to her in every area, like providing a godly husband and now a wonderful home and a gift of a baby boy in her life! Daniell's mom went to be with Lord Jan.3, 2007, just twenty days before Joel. She has known the great deep of grief and I think she would testify God has carried her every inch and I know she still misses her mom, but I think her lips would give praise to His providence and plans for all that has unfolded since 2007! Its a blessing to me to see a young woman come to know and find a hope in the Lord through such sore trials and now she has a testimony to tell others by His grace!!

Blessings are all around us.......may you Praise Him today as you hug your baby, play with your toddler, visit or talk to your mom on the phone. What a wonderful God we have!!



The Ahlgren Family said...

He is just the handsomest little guy! We sure hope they can come for a visit sometime soon! We want to meet the little man!

Danielle said...

thank you so much for doing this post! :) It's easy for me to forget what God has brought me through, but as I remember back I am SOO thankful for God's providence. Never in 1000 million years would I have dreamed I could have had this life. To be blessed with a wonderful husband and *PERFECT* son! I'm incredibly blessed! Coming up on January it will be hard I'm sure, but one thing is for sure. I would never have met Aaron or had the life I did now if it weren't for what happened. God has most definiately used even the darkest of times for HIS glory! He has brought good to even a miserable and terrible thing! Thank you Jesus!!!

I can't wait to make it down there so everyone can see my lil man! We'll have to think of something for him to call you! :) He sure does love his Aunt Besh! Maybe yall will make it here first! We have some great skiing hills! It opened yesterday!! C'mon and well hit the hills! :)

Love you guys!