Thursday, July 1, 2010

a few tomatoes !

We have a "few" tomatoes for Farmers Market on Saturday!!!! Last week they sold quick!! One thing we like to do with them is chop up 5-7 tomatoes, two onions chopped and about 3 jalapenos,depending on how hot you want it, 2 cans of black beans drained and rinsed, add about Tbl of granulated garlic, salt to taste, a few squirts of lime or lemon, stir gently and refrig until chilled. We eat this with chips!!! You can add avocados, bell pepper if you have it on hand as well! Try it!!

The guys will be late tonight, two crews a two different job sites! lots of work right now, thankful! Billy is a good worker and he has several "nicknames" already! Hopefully all the guys are sharpening each other in the Lord amongst the fun they seem to be having at work!!! Still waiting for the school job to get to the point of when the guys will start their part, meanwhile its wonderful that the Lord has provided jobs in the wait time!

I challenge you to read the Word everyday! Its rich with what we need daily for our spirits!! The veil seems so thin as I seek him each day in his Word knowing Joel is near his throne!


Teena said...

wow that is great! We have a few tomatoe plants but they haven't made anything yet!

we are suppose to go saturday to the "u pick tomatoe" patch... here in GA they charge $10 a 5 gallon bucket full. They taste so good.... I love tomatoe sandwiches!



Karen said...

Love that recipe. I think I will try this...

Been thinking of you and your sweet family. I don't get on the computer that much since summer has begun. Too much to do. But I peek in here regularly.

Thank you for your mention a few posts ago about praying for me. That encouraged me so! You will always be dear in my heart. When are you coming to AR for a visit? I just want to squeeze your neck=)!

Lesli Westfall said...

wish your Farmer's Market were near us here in SE Texas! Hope ya sell them all!

:) Lesli

Sharon said...

Great looking tomatoes! Wish I could trade a few Florida mangoes or oranges for a few of your tomatoes. Enjoy!
Thank you for reminding us to keep in the Word.

Abigail said...

Wow! That's a lot of tomatoes! And they look so good! Hope you sold them all again. It's good feeling to come home with an empty truck.

Glad my little brother is fitting in there and working hard. He's always been diligent in his work. Just keep an eye on him - we've been hearing about these injuries he keeps coming up with!!


Dara Steward said...

Such pretty tomatoes... and tasty too I bet! There is NOTHING like homegrown tomatoes! "Up in the mornin' and out in the garden..." ;o) Love you guys!

eje said...

Thanks for the challenge to diligently read HIS Word each day