Wednesday, June 30, 2010

do you know?????

Do you know what these are???? front air vents
Do you know what comes out of them??? nothin' (before)
Do you know what is suppose to come out of them??? air.....cold
Do you know how long the van a/c has been broke??? 5,6, 7 years....can't remember
Do you know its hot in Oklahoma??? like major
Do you know our van broke 2 weeks ago??? yep
Do you know that all things work together for our good? learning it more and more each day
Do you know it got fixed??? yep
Do you know what works now???? them thar front vents!
Do you know that it is cold air?? yep
Do you know who fixed it? John D.
Do you know the air got fixed all because it broke down? yep
Do you know two weeks ago I was frustrated? yep
Do you know I pleaded to Terry to buy "something" even if it cost $1000 that had air?? yep
Do you know that my prayer was answered? yep
Do you know "I don't know whether to laugh or cry?
Do you know why? nope
cuz......I wanna laugh because God seems to have a sense of humor and I wanna cry cuz that van just won't DIE!!!!!
Do you know I just need to be thankful and laugh and let the air blow!!!! thats what ima gonna do!!!

God is great!!! I enjoyed my little shopping outing to "feel" the air this morning!!! Getting dinner going. Doing our Wed. cleaning. As of this moment, I have heard of no eve. plans but that could change.....even before I finish this!!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!!


The Gilmore Family said...

YES, I DO KNOW WHAT it's like to be in a 15 passenger van with warm bodies and no air. It's hot and if you were in MS it is humid too. But I DO KNOW THAT GOD answers prayer too. It's much better when we WAIT on HIM to do the fixin and don't jump in there and ahead of HIM. His ways are not our ways. Amen, sister?!!!
Karen, Mother of Billy

Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

This was too funny. That is wonderful that it is up and running again!!! God is so good and yes humorous. I liked your "life" post below. Life is so many things and when I read the sorrowful part about you missing Joel it made me sad for you but you encourage me with the fact that you cling to the Lord during this trial instead of running away from HIM. Enjoy the van and your busy summer days. Blessings.


Anonymous said...

From a mom of six, having walked the cancer kid journey, having a beautiful (on the inside) daughter who turns 21 soon, I can relate and enjoy your posts.

Dawn G.