Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Life is busy: seems like we scramble everyday to get this done, that done, go here, go there, dinner, laundry, regular chores, guys at work, and the list goes on just for daily stuff.

Life is fun: friends, late nights, baseball games, walking together at Bricktown, swimming, our meals together, coffee, fireworks, ice-cream, volley ball by the ton, diner with friends, shopping at the mall, finding a treasure at thrift stores, a kiss, a hug, texting my children, nurturing the children in the Lord , so much too innumerable to list as well!!!!

Life is unpredictable: plans soon change at our house from a planned evening to hurry, rush so we can get there, lets do this, or a phone call that lets me know whats ahead!!!

Life is unscheduled (now): I use to be one that held to scheduling be it life or death! Now we sleep late, (not the construct. workers) go to bed late, eat late, eat early, do laundry in the evenings, do school after lunch instead of the mornings, have laundry unfolded in chairs for days, mop only once a week, hopefully, clean bathrooms only once a week and I could tell you more but all that is not very cheery is it?

Life is full: I am so thankful for my life, my husband, our children, I am thankful for our country life, our home, our way our life, I am thankful for the interests that the children enjoy, music, goats, hunting, cows, photography, sports, farm life, I am thankful for older children's fellowship and how they still tell me on the phone "i love you!", I am thankful for the younger children and their need for mommy and daddy, their hugs and kisses! and all the little "sayings" of Mercy that she comes up with way beyond her age :)

Life is hard: I so wish I could protect the children from life's trials, hurts, unknowns, unkind people, the enemy who seeks to kill, steal and destroy!

Life is Jesus: I am so thankful that whatever they face in life, Jesus will be their Hope, their Rock, their Deliverer, their Provider, their Healer, their Salvation, their Joy, their Comfort!

Life is sorrowful: I miss Joel, everyday, every minute!!!!

Life is good: I am fully confident in my sorrow that His plan is perfect, right and just, grace is given everyday to my heart, the Scriptures and Promises that I have received in these three years are so profound to my personal hurt and sorrow, I can not imagine going through this without my Jesus!! I still have not been given answers so to speak but I have been given peace, "peace I leave with you."

Life is exciting: I am excited about the children's futures, marriages, grandchildren, their homes and families, endeavors they desire to pursue!

Life is "because of Him!!" : it is of Him, through Him that I even exist and have breath and have the privilege to be the mother of 13 children and a wonderful husband!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Very well said...

I am still praying for you and think of Joel so much.