Friday, June 25, 2010

Bethany's BD pictures !

since we did not play any games, I had
to do something "fun!!"

she is gonna have to re-tan
with her new flip flops!!!!

I know you all will think ridiculous, but I cooked 17 T-bones and 2 ribeyes for Bethany's BD dinner!!! The main food, steaks, (except 4) corn , beans, potatoes, tomatoes were all home grown!! It is so fulfilling to know that we have had the opportunity out here on our farm to grow our own stuff!! I feel sure Bethany had a great day! She enjoyed the pedicure, Anna was not too sure about it, she had several cuts on her feet from rocks at the lake and it was not feeling too great for her :) Dave and Kate came over and since I decorated with a "lime color," Dave wore his lime jacket!!! We can't party without em'!!!!!! After dinner, played some VB and then we came in, had dessert and I made fresh squeezed limeade!!!! What fun it is to fellowship with family and dear friends!!!

I mentioned a few days ago of the Bedfords and the needs of their almost week old baby boy. Yesterday morning around 9am baby Daniel went to live with Jesus. Pray for this family as they grieve. Baby Daniel is now with his big brother Joshua, born three years ago, who lived 10 days.
The Bedfords have 4 children here with them.

Tonight will be a whirlwind, I feel it coming.......they will get here around 6pm, eat super quick and then head to VB til likely midnight! I think I'll do pizza, its easy!!!

Kate, Bethany and Anna are going on a "girls shopping outing" after lunch today and little Mavie, because Dave said nursing would not go to well on his end! LOL!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!!


The Gilmore Family said...

Aww! Such pretty colors! I love the flip flop tan!!! I've just recently aquired that! Ususally in the past I've just gone barefoot... but, this year I'm tryin to keep somethin on my feet and well... the result is a flip flop tan!! :D

I posted on our blog .... our first day at the lake! Just so you know. :)


Hannah B. said...

Ooo, what a fun party!! The food looks AMAZING.

Besh, wonder how long it'll take ya to fix your flip flop tan line?? :P

Marie said...

That is such a wonderful looking birthday party. I would love to be the recipient of such a party. I am 57 and never had a party. Aw!!

When you said t bone steaks I knew it would have to be quite a few and I also know that you can't get that many steaks from the same cow. At least not the same cut.

It all looks just wonderful. Tell me what you put on your roasted potatoes. I haven't made those in ages. Easy and tasty!

Happy B'day to Bethany.

So sorry about your friends - that is such a sorrow. Sometimes you just have to wonder at the world and why.


Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

Happy B-day to Bethany!!! She looks so much like you Cindy. Looks fun. I like all that green.


p.s. one day maybe we will come check out OK and see land and you all!!!!! :)

Sit A Spell said...

I am so glad I stopped by tonight before I hit the hay. Looks like my kinda party. Happy B~day Bethany! She does look like her the pic of the two of you! fav, brothers holding her cause...look at her toes! Then the flip flop tan reminded me of my Sissy's whose looks exactly the same! Love the polish too, very fun. Love me some limeade, but I'd be looking for some cherry to toss in there to sweet'n it up a bit ; )

Oh, I wish I lived closer, girl, you'd never get rid of me. Aren't you glad I'm WAY down in Florida?!?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Besh!
Cindy Love the picture of you and Bethany. You both are Beautiful inside and out. You both glow with the love of Jesus evident in you love for others.
Bethany keep it up and allow God to use you. I believe God is preparing you for your intended and him for you.
Love to all,

Roxanne said...

can i come to your next party? they all look so fun :)
i'm sorry for baby daniel and his fmaily. i have lost several children now and it is very hard. six pregnancies, and my little ones Eden and Eva survived. all the others were stilborn. it was really hard. i couldnt have done it without the help of the Lord :) i am praying