Friday, June 18, 2010

to the lake we go.....(Lord willin')

Suitcases are getting packed, piles of stuff here and there that need to go in the van!!! One more trip to Wal Mart after dinner, help pick green beans after dinner for Farmers Market in the morning, (Terry is staying here to keep all the animals) getting the house straightened up, gotta make a chore list for Terry and a "to do" list, and hopefully people will get in bed somewhat early so we can leave around 4 am!!!!! Its off to the lake we go, Lord willin'!!!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!!

New calf this week!!!!!!!

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Teena said...

Hope you guys have a great weekend. When will you come home?

Enjoy the time with your Dad... I miss mine. Give him lots of hugs and take lots of pics. I was looking for pics today of ME and my Dad and I can only find a few. None of when I was young. :(

Can't wait to see pics of your time at the lake....