Tuesday, June 22, 2010

happy birthday!!!!!

Today is Terry's birthday!!!!!!!!!! Come on and wish him a "Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!" How blessed our family is to have a husband and father who loves the Lord with all his heart strength, mind and soul!!! If I could think of a verse it would be this one, he would not say this about his self, but I say this of him because he is a man of his word, he is a man of integrity, he seeks to have a clear conscience, his name is above reproach, he is a man of wisdom in his dealings with his work and seeks to do a job for God's glory, he has sought to nurture and admonish his children with tender yet non wavering truth from the scriptures, he is a man that has loved his wife as Christ loves the church and much more I could write but the scripture is, Wherefore I beseech you, be ye followers of me. I Cor.4:16. I can easily encourage our children to be followers of their dad because he is a faithful follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for Terry and all he has put into our family, his labors, love and unceasing prayers for each of us!!!! May the Lord continue to make and conform him into the image of Christ!!!

Happy Birthday Terry!!!!!!

from your wife and children!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bro. Terry from one of your former youth.
Michelle McCoy Smith

The Southerlands said...

Happy Birthday Mr.Morris!!

Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

Wishing you a special birthday!!! I remembered because Chad's is today too!!!

The Ahlgren Family said...

Happy birthday Mr. Morris!!! May the Lord abundantly bless you this day, and every day! We love you!

-stephanie- said...

Happy Birthday Terry. You are one blessed man. Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Terry!
I agree with Cindy about you.
I know one thing for sure, and that is that you have been a mighty blessing to my family and me. Not only have you given your children instruction, but you've also given much teaching to a whole youth group at Watson Chapel Baptist Church. Our two sons were so very fortunate to have you as their Youth Minister. It has made a difference in their lives. I can't thank you enough.

I love you, Terry Morris. Thank you for giving to the Lord, I am a life that was changed.

Ann Parker