Monday, June 7, 2010

a volley ball weekend!!!!


LouCinda and Matt

(remember them?? our crew went to their wedding in WI. They live here in our town,
Kayleen, Sidney and LouCinda are brothers and sisters!!!)

Sidney and Anna

Terry and Billy, from Mississippi

Kayleen and Anna


our littles sitting with Sarah


First: I need "Katie" to e-mail me your address for you Summer Prize for guessing where we went, you won by guessing an amusement park!!!!!

Second: If you would like an opportunity to win one of the guys CD, go over to Kelly's and enter. She will give them away on Wednesday! We are so grateful she was willing to do this and are thankful for the exposure. There has been close to 600 visits to their web site since Friday!!!!!

Now on to a re-cap of our weekend! Volley Ball was at the tip of the list!! Friday night and then on Saturday afternoon, we had so many over we had to have 3 teams! A lot of fun and good fellowship! Billy also arrived, Terry's other crew member for work and he seems to be fitting in just fine! No worries, Gilmore family, he's holding his own with all these guys, even though they kept him out Friday night until midnight playing vb!!!!

I got to sit on a cow!!!!!!!! Your shocked, right??????? Yep, sure did!!!! But it was a dead cow!!! It was black and white and a very large one! Anyone want to guess about all this crazy talk???? Find out on the last picture posted!!!!

The Farmer's Market went very well!!! I want to tell you about Hosanna's endeavor. Remember me telling you about all the rosebushes that we have and they literally have tons of flowers. She did this last year too! After the petals drop off she gathers them up and dries them and then we put rose oil on them and tie them up in potpourri bags. She sells them for $2 apiece! On Saturday she sold 10 of them!!! She was so excited! We sold close to 80 pounds of red potatoes, some to customers and the rest wholesale to a feed store in our little town! Since this was the first one, it was a bit slow. Looking forward to the upcoming ones each Saturday!

Around here today we are getting tons of laundry done, the guys have lots of good work that is steady until the big school job! Danielle is leaving tomorrow, so sad, we will miss her desperately!!! She has to get back and get wedding plans underway. Her and Bethany went to the bridal store this morning to order Bethany's dress. Danielle has asked Terry to do officiate the ceremony, an honor to do this. They are getting married in Illinois, so looks like Illinois here we come!!!!! We just found out today, it looks like the big Ada school job will begin the 3rd week this month, so we have to get a trip to my dads in to Hot Springs, last year we went, he lives on Lake Hamilton in Ar. Things are looking quite busy as the weekends fill up and now I have to really start getting things ready to the guys as they will stay in a rent house up there in Ada and travel back and forth as well. So Terry's other worker will have to get here too, Jordan form N. Carolina.

Enjoy your day!!!

see the "cow" our new couch with cow hide cushions, thats what I sat on!! LOL!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wahoooooo!! Yay!! Uh huh! Yea!

That's what we said when we saw the post!!!!!!!!

There are a lot of girls playing out there! WOW! You all look SO hot!!

And how in the WORLD did they get Billy to stay up until MIDNIGHT playing volleyball?! ;D

That's so funny Ms. Cindy about your 'dead cow!' I thought 'gross!!' Haha! Jokes on me!!

Loved the post! (As did sisters and Mother!!)

Can't wait for the next one! Y'alls veggies look so yummy!!

Sarah :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting pictures of my son on your blog. Glad he's adjusting. It does look hot there. It has rained a lot here. NOT TODAY.

Abigail said... of my little brother. We are wondering how they got Billy to stay up 'til midnight!!! He goes to bed with the chickens when he's home! Wish I was there to join in the fun, too!

And, WOW! Your veggies are beautiful! We put up green beans, squash, peppers, and collard greens today. Stayin' busy!


Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

Looks like fun. That is great about the farmers market and for Hosannas sales!!! That is great! I bet she was so happy. Oh how fun about the wedding. What a joyful time for everyone! Can not wait to hear of your childrens weddings one day!! :) Have a great week in the Lord.


Anonymous said...

We got really excited when we saw that picture!

~Mary A.

The Lockwood Family ♥ said...

Cindy...Hey...I am sooo sorry! I haven't been on the computer much and was just sitting down for a bit while dinner finished cooking to catch up on your blog and when I saw your couch I remembered all about the cow hide that I totally forgot to get back to you about! I'm so sorry!
Daniel asked a couple of different people, but they didn't know where or if they processed hides in our area. Someone said that if we could find a hide here, it probably won't be in very nice condition.
He was going to continue to check into it, but I'm sure he got busy and I was going to write you and tell you what he'd found out so far, but then we were getting ready to go north and I just plum forgot.
Your couch looks lovely! Goes so well with all your other country decor! I'm so happy for your new room and all the other blessings the Lord is filling your home with.
Thank you for letting your life be used for His glory.
love and prayers,