Wednesday, June 23, 2010

father's day, birthday pictures !

all the guys and Billy :)

Daniel, Elijah, Micah, Caleb/ alas goofy guys!!!!!

I am catching up on pictures of our Father's Day with my dad and also Terry's BD outing last night and his Father's Day pictures with the children since we were not here. We had a great time out to eat, Dave and Kate went with us and there are no words or maybe two that would describe going out to eat with a crew our size and having Dave and Kate with us........CRAZY FUN!!!!!! The waitress really served us well and kept telling us how she "loved" us and did many special things for us! Its a blessing to be around people that work and find joy on their jobs!! We are getting the house back in order, laundry, and Andrew picked a bunch of beautiful tomatoes! The guys had to hit it hard today with work, they are in two crews, one crew framing a house and another doing a stem/footing. I think as they feel the heat of the day, they willl be longing for the lake and the water! Time to get back to work though!

Bethany's 21st BD is tommorrow, Thursday!!! We will have a BD dinner for her, remember no more BIG parties after 16 :( It will still be fun to celebrate the blessing she is to us and reflect back of these 21 years the Lord has given us with her.....our first daughter!!!

Pray for a family we know, the Bedford's. They have a new born little baby boy and the baby has alot of needs and possibly many are life threatening, heart needs and there are some brain malformations. Info and tests are still being done. God knows them, they do not have a blog, but he will hear your cries and pleadings on their behalf!

Lake pictures on post below!!!!


( : The Mavericks : ) said...

Hahaha! That was so fun! It always is a blast and a blessing to spend time with ya'll! So much laughter! And we're so happy you're back! Thanks for letting us join in on Mr. Morris's birthday celebration! :) It was a memorable occasion!
We'll be praying for the Bedfords!
( : Mav,Mavette&Mavie : )

Abigail said...

Those are awesome pictures. You all have a lovely family! The picture of Dave and his bib is too funny!

Looks like my brother is none the worse for wear after a weekend on the lake. (Looks like he's gaining weight, too! He needs it!)


John-Clay Burnett said...

I like the new hat style :D :D - Looks like Micah is the only one unphased my the hilarity!

Jessica said...

Nice new photo of you and your husband! Black is a good color on you!

Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

All your pictures are wonderful. You look great Cindy!!!! Young and beautiful is what many children will do to you huh!!!! :) Sounds like you all are haing so much fun lately. God is good.