Tuesday, June 15, 2010

tuesday the 15th

The family made it safely back from Houston, thankful for that! From the reports it sounds like Caleb and Daniel did a great job playing their instruments at Terry's high school reunion of 30 years! They had the opportunity to sell about 20 CD's!!!!

So much rain here yesterday, we heard they closed the interstate at certain points because of flooding. Weather in Oklahoma can go from high temps one day to floods the next and mix tornadoes, hail, snow in late March and we definitely get variety!! LOL! The guys had to stay home yesterday because of the weather but it was profitable. They were able to finish getting the OSB board on the new space ceiling and now we are ready for the tongue and groove in the vaulted area. I was glad for the progress! Later in the evening, I managed to even grill hamburgers at the edge of the garage and give Billy a taste of our "famous family hamburger." We got to use our first garden tomato, our onions and of course Bethany's homemade buns! Delicious!!!!! A funny little incident at dinner. I have these candles in trays with black beans that I leave on the table all the time, but decided to light all the candles for dinner, to you know give us a warm mood. We were all eating and bout finished up and Billy had noticed something at the end of the table, where the little children sit and with a bewildered look he turns and tells Daniel and it finally gets relayed to Terry that a "boy" at the end of the table has his chip on fire!!!! Joshua was roasting his chip in the candle and had it on fire!!!!!! We tell Billy, of course joking, "oh yea, thats how we make our own personal nachos here in Oklahoma!" I think Billy is enduring us ok!!!

Well, we are Lord willing preparing for our lake trip to my dads this weekend! Remember last year we went? If you think of it, pray for safety and that the van will will get us there! :) Its our once a year swim/ski/water stuff trip! They live right on the lake and all you have to do is walk about 30 yards and there is the lake. They have a nice dock area where he keeps his boat and the little children swim. He has neighbors but they are retired folks. Caleb and Daniel are suppose to play some special music at his church Sunday morning as well.

Hope your in the Word each day! I have been reading in 2 Cor. I am blessed by the truth there of the resurection and the "unseen" that our minds should stay upon instead of all the "seen/temporal." To be honest, I find myself thinking of the "unseen" so often. One of the blessings I suppose with Joel being there, he is like a "forget-me-not" to help me know that our supreme hope and joys are not in this world. Missing him still everyday!!!!

Better run and get the day going.......blessings to each and may the love of Christ abound in your hearts today!!!!!!


Nikki said...

Cindy, have been thinking of you lately. I keep up with the latest and play catch up when I really fall behind. LOL! Your produce from the garden is bautiful!!! We're slowly working our way there!

Just thought I'd tell you that you've been on my mind lately. We found out yesterday we are expecting our 2nd set of twin boys. Reminded me of you in so many ways. We are so overjoyed and elated and still in shock!!! Just wanted you to know and that I've been thinking of you. I know that only a fellow mom of 2 sets of boys would understand what a blessing this is and how wonderful they all are. We're excited!

Anonymous said...

Okay, that story is HILARIOUS!!! Hahaha! Personal nachos! :D

Glad they made it back from TX! Wahoooo for the CD's sales! I really want to get one one of these days!