Tuesday, June 1, 2010

hot, hamburgers, hundred, happy !!!!



Ashley, Kaylene, Anna

A hot day, hamburgers, homemade strawberry ice-cream (our garden berries), hundred games of VB (it seemed) made for a "happy memorial day!!!!" We had a good time with friends! Our regulars, Dave and Kate joined us, friends of Anna's (ours too) Liz an d Ashley from Guthrie was on the vb scene and we also had Sidney and Kayleen (brother and sister) from Wisconsin visiting. They were a family up in Wisconsin that skied with our children when they went this past Jan.

Bethany had an incredible dairy show in Missouri this weekend!!!! So thankful for the rewards and fruit she has labored so hard for! Her yearling buck got Grand Champion and Best Of Breed in the first show, and Reserved Champion in the second one, this is his second Grand to get in the last month. He needs one more win and will become a permanent champion. Bethany got several firsts, seconds and thirds as well. To place that high in a show as this with top breeders was quite an accomplishment! Another really big win was a doeling that is a daughter to the Champion Buck also won Grand Champion Junior Doe! That was really amazing as she is only 2-1/2 months old and already has the first leg to her championship. And a young buck kid was Jr. Champion in the second ring. The judge even came up to Terry and said that we had some really great animals in the ring! The Lord is fulfilling a vision that started two years ago as Bethany sought to bring her herd to a height that will compete with top breeders in the US in dairy competition, and Lord willing she is inching her way there!!!!!!!!! She is there with her yearling buck and we are grateful for the success. It is the Lord that puts up one and brings another down. So we acknowledge that every inch forward is because of Him!

I have a hoarse voice! No fun when your trying to talk on cell phones and communicate to 14 people!! I guess a good way to give a soft answer and turn away wrath!!

Danielle made it to visit with us!! She is all "giddy" about her upcoming marriage in August! We got to make sure and give her "last single farm adventures" while she is here!!!!! She is so cute!!

Busy week ahead, as always! The guys are doing a big pour today with Build Block several hours away, tonight base ball practice once again and all of us girls are going to a wedding shower for a dear bride to be of a family that ministered greatly to us as we plodded through our trial with Joel. I remember this young lady, Jessica kneeling before a chair as I held Joel in the first visit to the hospital and prayed the most amazing prayer that seemed to reach the heights of heaven. I was in tears as she prayed and pleaded for God's mercy and healing upon my son. I have no doubt her prayer was answered because it was a prayer of "thy will be done!" When some people pray, it does seem they enter the veil that only comes because they are in an intimate fellowship with the Lord and our hearts are joined together in that communion.

Well, its going to be week of learning endurance as the temps reach 96-97 this week. I have been totally comfortable in the house so far, but others have been a bit uncomfortable with the "no air" accommodations! I will have to chant, "we can do it, we can do it" to them!!!!!!!

Better go for now! Much to get done! Its a Monday on a Tuesday!


Janet said...

Well done Bethany! You must be so proud! As always, such a fun, happy family! I have to tell you, that since reading your blog, I have this yearningto visit the States. My Sister-in-law is getting married and will be moving to Montana! Maybe I will get there sooner than I think! :) By the way, I am CRAZY about those cowboy boots!

Mountain Mama said...

What fun and memorable times! VB, friends, and a grill - Wow!

Way to go Bethany!