Thursday, May 27, 2010

fishin' with paps!!!!!

Paps got here safely...
no stopping now......
gone fishin'
with the
best fisherman
I know!!!!!


Anonymous said...

C-U-T-E!!! LOVE the first one Anna!!! Hope ya have fun with "Paps!!"


Abigail said...

Ahhh...what could be better than fishing with your grandpa on a warm summer day? I have fond memories of doing that, too. Love the pictures!

Sharon said...

I want to come fishin' too!!!
Enjoy the memories

Teena said...

great times with Paps!

thanks for sharing.

we are still at the beach. we will all go to church (here) tomorrow and that will be our last day... we leave for home on Monday.

guess what Lysa, Wyatt & Wesley want to buy a bearded dragon to take home!!


elizabeth said...

Great memories to store up for the future!
Once again, beautiful photos! :-)