Monday, May 24, 2010

my red wall !!!!!!

Thought you might like to see the progress so far of the new space area. The red wall in the little sitting area and the wood ceiling.(you can click on the pic to see larger) We got the fan in there too and the can lights are all working. Do you see the red french doors? I love them!!!!! The rest of the walls have texture on them and after the guys finish the rest of the ceiling and I get the stain and varnish on them, then I will proceed to paint the rest of the walls a light brownish/taupe color. Still alot to do but each finished thing is so exciting!! It does feel more like a room now with the walls textured instead of the build block walls. I can not wait to begin the cabinet progress and finish taking the remaining kitchen wall out, but that could be late summer or fall depending on resources! As I mentioned in the last post we are so grateful for the 3 year anniversary of being self employed. The Lord has blessed with jobs and this adding on to our home likely would not have happened if Terry were still at Sara Lee. The guys completed a house going up with walls in Build Block and doing the pour of concrete in 43 hours, that is amazing work. They did have two other crew members to reach this goal. The faster they can get the jobs done the more they make and can move on to the next job!

We had a busy weekend. Elijah had 16 hours of fire training over the weekend and received two certificates! Congratulations Elijah!!!!!!! Church was at our house, so the usual getting ready for that was a task of mowing and cleaning but it all came together! Not having air conditioning in our house was a challenge for the group but we made it! I guess my "cold spells" of all winter are spilling over to the hot temps we are having and while I feel very comfortable in the house everyone else is sweating and dripping!! We are just too spoiled, people all over the world are living without air! Oh, I did not really plan it but Hosie, Siah and Mercy all had on "sherbet" colors for Sunday! They looked delicious!!!!!! (and I had sherbet toenail polish on:)

Hope to get some school in this week as last week I was into all the texture, painting, and staining. Big weekend coming up, the goat show in Missouri!!!!! Our first out of state show! Also the following week Bethany's friend Danielle will be with us for a bit!! Can't wait for that! I love the month of June, the hot and summer feel of it. Remember last year in June when we had the Beach Party for Bethany's BD? That was soooo fun and such a real summer fun memory. Pictures are on the side under Beach Party if want a re-cap.

Loads of laundry to do, figure out something for dinner for hungry guys and might see bout gettin' some sun!!!!


Shanna said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!

The work and the family!!

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

It looks SO good. Great job!! The red wall is warm and that little area looks cozy! I like the picture of Terry with the children. Very sweet. I cant wait to see the remodel project all finished, I am sure you are eager!! Wow, your home church is big!!! That is great. I bet it is SO much work for ya!! Do you do it at your home every Sunday or do others trade off? Do you do a lunch after too? I am curious about your church "ways" I watched Joels Journey the other day. My 3rd time and it blesses me each time! Just your families love and dedication and his precious life. We talk of you still like we know you!! :) Kinda stalkerish huh? :) Have a great week in the Lord and keep enjoying that weather. You would hate here now. It snowed Saturday and today is cold too!!! UGH!!!


Abigail said...

Ohhh...I really like that!!! It's so pretty! It's nice to see another family that works together and can accomplish something that looks so good!

Shanna said...


Don't worry; our family talks like we know them also. My boys have taken such a liking to the music CD that they talk about Caleb and Daniel like they have known them their whole life. It is kinda funny!!!!

But, that is what happens when someone is so open and likeable at the same time.

Jessica said...

Love the red wall and doors. Mercy's dress is SO cute!

Mountain Mama said...

Oh, it is looking sooo good. Is the room with the red wall the original part of the house or is it part of the add-on?

Air conditioning? Who needs that when there is snow on the ground? Yep, we got more snow yesterday. It melted before the end of the day - but still!


ps My Caleb LOVES Daniel's new truck. Such a guy thing.

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Oh I forgot a long time ago you sent me a thing on home church and chad reminded me, so I lookes up my old emails and I just found the answers to my questions pretty much!!! Sorry to sound annoying by re-asking. I have a bad memory. Anyways, sorry


Beth said...

Love the progress so far on the room. It looks so nice and cozy.