Tuesday, May 25, 2010

what is your well full of ????

June 2006 was a busy summer for Joel! Feeding baby goats, Mexican birthday party for Bethany, working in the garden with his daddy and the corn that he is shucking, he helped plant the very seeds! I often look back at pictures as to what we were doing when Joel was here! Our life it seems was so carefree. A verse comes to mind in the midst of my changed/ changing life. "God is the same yesterday, today and forever!" He is my same Jesus in the "yesterday" when Joel was here in the summer of 06, He is my same Jesus of "today" in the summer of 2010 when I miss him and He will be my same Jesus in the days to come and in the "forever" of eternity when I see Joel again! I am thankful the HE does not change even when I do and my circumstances do!

Well, my dad is coming! He called yesterday and said he would show up on the scene this Thursday! Shirley, his wife is visiting her sister in S. Carolina and he thought why not hit the road to Oklahoma! So we are gearing up for a fun visit form their "Paps." Of course some of them will be heading to the goat show on Friday morning, so he'll see everyone on Thursday and then it will be a partial crew here to entertain him after that! No doubt, he'll be the one entertaining us!

Still reading in Genesis. It is so fascinating, the people, their lives of faith and also to see their complete humanness/sin natures like me! I am captured by how they journeyed from place to place and when they stayed for any length of time, they would dig a well. It was their source of "life." You have to have water. When I think of a well, I envision water coming from a constant on going source. We have a pond that has a spring in it, so it will always have water in it. Isn't it amazing to think of how God provided one of our water sources through the water table so far below the surface. It's there and available to us. I read this verse this morning and how true it can become! For all the wells which his father's servants had digged in the days of Abraham his father, the Philistines had stopped them and filled them with earth. Gen. 26:15 I was thinking how we have the Well of living water, the Holy Spirit flowing through us as Christians, but how often I, get my well "plugged up/filled up" with earth! How often I quench the Spirit, stop the flow of living water so to speak because of "earthly" sinful ways, habits, bad attitudes, not responding correctly or lovingly, saying things I wish I had not said and of course the list is endless of how I let "self" plug or fill up my well instead of walking in the Spirit or letting Christ "flow" through me. I am filled up with "earth instead of Jesus!! Its a need I have and a desire longed for to be filled with HIM instead of me.......help Lord! How bout you???? I hope your not filled with the earth but with Him. A lot of application there as we meditate upon that truth!

The girls are ironing today! The guys are pouring concrete today! The middle size guys are making clay pots to sell at the Farmers Market that will be starting up 1st Saturday in June! Hard to believe!! The little girls are pretending something! I think I might go take a nap on the trampoline getting sun at the same time! :)

Terry dug up some red potatoes last night to take a peek and sure enough they are a good size and ready to eat! Will have to cook a big pot up for my dad! Strawberries are still coming. I finally put some in the freezer, suprisingly I think some were getting tired of eating them. We are going to have a few blueberries so that will be fun.

Tonight......baseball practice for 7 of them. Boys, Boys, Boys = sports, sports, sports!!!!! We now own more equipment. Football, snow skiing, wake boards, ice skates, baseball, basketball, archery, guns. I think I am ready for some body to learn to fly so they can take me to a beach for my kind of "sport".........fun in the sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great Tuesday!!


Sit A Spell said...

The more we move the more I relate to them! lol However, there is deff some soil in my well...for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. I strive to do well (pun intended).

Love the photos you've posted of Joel. I am keeping you in my prayers Cindy; my heart hurts cause yours does. I know loosing a parent is not the same, but my Daddy passed when he was only 55. His birthday was last Friday and I hurt inside as if I had just lost him. My love for him and missing him will always be fresh in my mind. It's been 17 yrs now.

Speaking of Daddy's...I hope y'all have a blast with yours!!!

Were you able to squeeze in a suntanning nap ??? I got a bit of a burn on my shoulders at the beach the other day and it hurts.
Come see me and we will hit the beach girlfriend!

The Gilmore Family said...

WOW!! That top picture of Mr. Terry could have been a picture of my dad!! That's scary!! :D

Sarah G.

BTW - My brother (Billy) would really like to hear from Mr. Terry... he could not reach him today for some reason on the phone.... just thought I'd ask! :)

Teena said...

Cindy, thank you for sharing... I love seeing Joel. My heart has been heavy even though we are at the beach....

we found out that a 16 yr old that we have known most of her life... was killed Sunday night in a car wreck. It is so hard. So fast. Her funeral was today....

thank you for your words.

Hope you guys have a great time with your dad....


west family said...

Mrs. Morris,
I wanted to thank you for allowing me to peek in through the window of your familys life. I am a believer also, my husband and I have 10 children, 9 at home and 1 with the Lord. Our 4 month old son went to be with the Lord Oct 18,2007. It was a very real time of clinging to the cleft of the rock. I do know that I have to read sometimes and reread James. To be reminded that I am to be thankful and to count it all joy that we were chosen to go through
through such a painful process. I realize that we must be refined, and that we have to be put through the fire, in order to do so. I must say that I have been most humbled, rebuked, convicted but yet greatly encouraged by your daily entries. Thanks for your testimony, and know that every time you encourage a younger momma or even an older momma with Gods word and priciples you are essentially furthering the kingdom of God. Then know that you would not be refined as you are today, (and even probably be publicly blogging today) if the Lord would not have chosen your little man to come home so early. For his life will never be in vain, and you will continue to minister in ways you never dreamed of to SO many because of him. I am thankful that I have stumbled across your sweet blog and I am thankful that the Lord has used your walk to help me in my walk. You and I both have a great inheritance with our brimming broods :0) I am so greatful that the Lord has demonstrated so much patience with me, and he continues to bring things along my path to encourage and light the way for my daily walk with him, through people such as yourself. Thanks for the inspiration. Thanks for keeping Him first in your life and allowing me to gleen from it.
Trish West