Friday, May 21, 2010

a monster !!!

I did not believe in monsters, but I do now, because there is one here on our property!!!! A MONSTER TRUCK!!!!! I guess big six foot guys need big trucks! Daniel now owns a Ford 250 that is sooooooo high I literally can not get in it without hanging on to a strap. Yesterday Daniel, Caleb, Micah, Anna and Andrew traveled to Missouri to pickup this pickup! Another one of Mercy's prayers "checked" off the list. Caleb's truck still being prayed for. I am ready for the "wife" prayers to get answered!!!!! LOL!!!!!! In God's time!!! Can you see how tall the truck is in the picture? Mercy and the tire are bout the same height. Being a woman, can't quite figure out why a guy wants such a big truck, I always think practically, like grocery shopping, I would need a forklift to get the stuff in it. I guess Daniel will have to take his wife grocery shopping!!!! :) Well, we are grateful for answered to prayers once again and pray this truck will be of service for many years for Daniel and all his needs with the land.

We have approached an anniversary! This month it has been three years of being self employed, owning our own construction business! Three years of God's faithfulness and provision! This was a vision that was prayed for, for many years prior to Terry leaving Sara Lee. God worked through the events of managerial changes to fulfill Terry's desire and work with his sons. During this season of three years there was really one specific time of "no work." It was Dec./Jan of 08. Some of it was hindered with weather. Other than that it has been steady work.
Three years of seeing God's faithfulness! To be honest I was a bit leary of this adventure but knowing my husbands faith and confidence in God, I was able to rest in this new beginning for our family. And when you think of so many details of ages with our sons, it all was so timely and with abilities they now had as young men it was certainly an opportunity for them to put to use the scripture that speaks of the glory of young men is their strength! So we rejoice and praise the Lord for His goodness to our family!

Going to get out in the great hot sun today and bask!!! Girls are going to iron. Guys are pouring a big concrete job today and little people have new baseball equip so they are on the field/pasture!!!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!!


Anonymous said...

*jaw dropping* That is what I'm talking about!!! FORD ROCKS!!!! :) That truck is amazing!!! It's just not fair that your family gets all the cool trucks!!! :)

Shanna said...

I am 4'10" and can barely get into our 15 passenger. I can't imagine trying to get into that truck!!!!

Congratulations on the self-employment anniversary!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow that truck is huge!

That is awesome about your anniversary! God is good.


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

That is a monster!!! Boys will be boys huh!!! ;) I bet you will be A LOT more excited about wives than big trucks!!! Thanks for your tips on french bread and buns!! I cant wait to try. I have made so much bread and Chad downs a loaf in no time!!! :) So jealous of your weather!!! We are so cold still. It is awful. Maybe theres some land in OK for us??? :) As long as I know a tornado wont strike us!! Well have a great weekend.


The Gilmore Family said...

Wow! I told my brothers about it, and Billy said, "HA! That ain't nothin compared to OUR trucks down south!!"

Yup... I'd have to say, "I've seen bigger." :) Looks cool anyhow! Way to go Daniel!!!!

Sarah G.

Abigail said...

LOL!!! Love the truck! Yes, you might need a step ladder to climb in (or a trampoline - just run and jump!) but it will come in very handy! Extended cab is good for carrying extra passengers, and it's big enough to get the job done!

And congratulations on your self-employment anniversary! That is something to be proud of - God has certainly bless your family!

Sarah said...

Practical for tall boys perhaps, but certainly not for short ladies! I had a hard enough time scrambling into the F250 on the farm last summer, never mind a truck this huge!