Monday, May 17, 2010

big veggies!!!!

We not only have a BIG garden but our BIG garden is growing BIG stuff!!!! Look at that radish Siah has pulled!!! Hosanna planted her own carrot patch, she mulched it, and has been faithful to weed and it all by herself and look at the harvest, God gave the increase from all her labors! What an avenue to teach children about the scriptures, with a garden! Its the biggest carrot that we have ever grew in this clay soil, so we were all excited for her! Good job, Hosie!!!!!!!!!

Wow, Mondays are something around here. Catching up and doing laundry, hit a little bit of school but also I am in the middle of texturing the walls of the new space. Its going really well, I am very happy with the way the wall looks. Next will be to prime it and then get the paint on it. We have some of the wood ceiling done, there is just so much its going to take a while, I don't want to make them work too much because they have been at work all day :) So the new space area is a big mess right now. When you re-model I guess it can not be helped! I off to get more drywall compound as soon as I get this typed up and some stain for the ceiling.

I guess VB is on for tonight at the gym. Grocery week again, church fellowship on the weekend and the following weekend a goat show out of state, in Missouri! Bethany needs two more wins with her Nubian buck and he will become a "permanent champion."

Have a great Monday.........

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Mountain Mama said...

Them are big veggies! I am sure great lessons have been learned/taught in your garden. Way to go kiddos!