Monday, May 10, 2010

garden fresh berries !!!!!!!

**** Bethany updated her blog.....finally!!!! and
new picture of Lilian/ Mavie on the side, she's 5 months now, she is soooooo cute!!!!!!

There is nothing like garden fresh veggies but garden fresh strawberries are a pure delight!!!!! My husband has known all our married days that I love strawberries, so two years ago he set to work on building raised beds for strawberries and this year is the prime year for a big harvest! We have had several bowls this size so far. They were brought in, washed and devoured! I did manage to save the guys a cereal bowl full and Mercy was trying to "sneek" some! I think Terry is going to have to keep expanding the strawberry beds because there are more people that like them besides me now! When I see fresh fruit and vegetables like this, grown on ground that is cursed, can you imagine the beauty and taste of fruit grown upon the New Earth as it speaks in Revelation!!!! I can not wait to eat some strawberries with Joel under the Tree of Life one day!

Goodness, to re-cap the last few days makes me tired! On Friday, Terry, Bethany, Anna, Micah and Andrew headed to Dewey Oklahoma about 3 hours away to the Nubian/Dairy show. Caleb and Daniel worked and were at one job site and Elijah and a hired friend were at another job site! Lotsa work and we are soo grateful! Now with the goat show, that started up Sat. morn, Bethany had an incredible day, a day for rewards for her all her labors, she had several first, seconds and thirds but the great win of the day was Grand Champion with one of her Nubian bucks and also a Reserved Grand with another buck! Anna did a great job with her picture taking endeavor. The goat crew did not get back home until Sunday morning at 3 am!!!!! Then some of the guys on Saturday night played basketball and then went to check trout lines on the river and they did get in until 2 am, so it was hard for me to go to sleep with so many gone and not getting in so late. Thankfully the Lord allowed everyone to arrive safely! Thank you for praying if you did for safety.

Mother's Day was a blessing, we went out to eat in the late afternoon. Nice not to cook and clean up!!! So blessed by each child!

Suppose to be serious weather here this evening. Last evening as we were coming back from eating we saw 4 ABC weather channel news vehicles from New York, so I guess it is serious! They were headed North, so don't know if they were staking out more towards Kansas or what, but we cleaned the storm shelter out and have it prepared if needed. I just try to make sure we get hard drives with pictures, Anna gets her camera (and her boots) LOL!, Bethany gets inside puppies!

Dave and Kate are coming for dinner tonight! Italian is on the menu with Garden Spinach salad and Anna is in charge of dessert! Thanks for wishing Kate a HB! They are working so hard on their new house. If you would like to keep up them here's their blog. Be prepared for lots of adventure!!!!!!!!!

I have a surprise post in store for tomorrow with some exciting information! I have to get all of you wondering!!!! (no baby though)

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