Tuesday, May 18, 2010

up, up and away.........

I am soooooo scared of heights, so this was a major feat for me to get up on scaffolding!!! Its tooo high!!! Today I am finishing the texturing on the gables. Some parts of the wall will hold cabinets so no texture where they will go. Later this afternoon I will put the clear varnish on the wood ceiling in the little area off to the side. At first I started putting the stain on with a rag but tried a brush and it went a little better but wow, it took sooo long and I had to have someone push me over to the next spot as I sat on the edge of the scaffolding. I was covered in stain and of course it only comes off with mineral spirits, so I got a wiff of being "covered" with the spirit!!!! :)

The girls are off to do their ironing today. Their little stash is adding up. I think they have big plans for their fortunate being made....LOL!!!!!

I read a scripture yesterday and once again it brings a soothing to the wound/broken heart of missing Joel. I am so thankful the Lord continues to carry me along through the scriptures and that He has not left me to "bleed" with sorrow" alone. I am sorrowing but I am rejoicing in His living Word!!!!! I enjoy reading in the book of Genesis as it tells of people like me that suffered, journeyed, holding fast to the "promises" that God spoke to them. God told Abraham that he would indeed inherit land, all that he could see towards the South, North, East and West.(13:14) He also told him he would bring forth an heir from his own bowels being 99 years old, and that his seed would be as the sands of the sea, innumerable. Abraham ask God a question. Sounds like me, us doesn't it? 15:8, "And he said, Lord God, whereby shall I know that I shall inherit it?" A question of "how" could all this possibly be? I can't help but think that Abraham had a sort of anticipation of what lieth ahead yet there was to be some events or circumstances that were to take place in his life first but the end and as he journeyed would be the fulfillment of the promises. The first thing that happened after this question was God told him to make a sacrifice. (v.9) Then on over in verse 13, it says that Abraham would be a stranger in a land that was not his land and he would have to serve, and then affliction would also come forth. God is a mighty God of plans and wonders that far past our finding out but it si comforting to know that even Abraham had "trials." Yes, he was going to receive promises as he journeyed and plodded through this earth that is not our "land," but the first thing he was going to face was a sacrifice, death, then he was going to have to endure persecution, laboring and toiling and serving and no acknowledgment of a job well done, and then on top of all that affliction in greater measures. We might not have trials in this respected order but if Abraham had trials, we will have trials!

I am so ready for sunshine, but I guess its not coming today.......

Guess better get back to work.......texturing!


Mountain Mama said...

Way to conquer your fear! Things are looking good in there. I am sure it seems slow and tedious to you.

Sit A Spell said...

I am very proud of you for getting up there, way up high, and working! Really, I am. I know it's gonna be so nice when y'all are finished and you'll be able to point way up high and say..."I did that!"

Karen said...

Wow! That is way to high for me!

Thank you for your insight in scripture today! Good stuff!