Wednesday, May 5, 2010

i love flip-flops !

I love flip-flops and therefore a certain little girl loves them too!!! And colors to go with every outfit! I really like Old Navy, cotton stuff and flip-flops that are cheap! Although flip-flops, gardens and snakes don't go too well together. Yesterday I stabbed one with a pitchfork and had it pinned to the ground and Micah came and finished it off for me!

New glasses were it!!! Thank you for all you kind comments.....blush, blush! Now I just have to get use to looking out of the bottom of the lens and not under because I had trained myself with my old ones since I could not see out of them up close. If you see me and my head is bobbing up and down, I am just trying to get all the invisible lines in place to see!!!!!! LOL!!!~!~!

Today is Kate's birthday!! She is 20! Done with the "teeny bopper" years. Twenty years old, married to a one of a kind guy, Dave and the sweetest baby ever, Lilian and building a new house. How blessed! She is like our own, her and Dave are super special to us! So wish her a Happy Birthday!!!

Things are spinning around here. Mercy and I went on a little town trip this morning, to get some fabric to make the curtain for the goat show that Anna will be taking the winners pictures in front of and we got the flip-flops, we got every color they had in size 6, have to check out the other store!!!!! One of Bethany's Nubian goats had twin does this morning, so glad for girls! Terry and the guys have more work happening than 4 men can do, great thing! The can lights for the new space are in boxes awaiting guys to put them up maybe tonight and keep moving forward with progress.

I have been reading in the book of Job again, we just have too much in common as far a loss and grieving so to learn from one that made it through is good to my heart. Once we can come to the place of fully resting in God's wisdom instead of our thoughts and ideas of what makes life smooth, good and happy, I think anyone going through grieving will begin to see the light that shines brighter and brighter until the full day, when we will see our little ones again. But where shall wisdom be found? And where is the place of understanding? Job 28:12 In that same chapter it says man does not know the price of it, and its not found upon the land of the living, it can not be had for exchange of gold and there is not enough weight in silver to receive it, gold and crystal can not equal it and if you were rich with jewels you could not exchange it for wisdom. It is hid form the eyes of the living, even death and destruction can not apprehend it. There is only one place to get it v.23, God understandeth the way thereof, and he knoweth the place thereof. It is only through and in Him that it can be known.It says His wisdom knows the ends of the earth and all of eternity. I love the next verses, 25-26, To make the weight for the winds and he weigtheth the waters by measure. When he made a decree for the rain, and a way for the lightening of the thunder. The reason I am blessed by those verses because it is talking about storms, yes He is in control of the elements we receive on this earth but more than that he is in control of the "storms of life." It says he weighs the winds and waters by His measure. Even though it feels as though they might "crush" they are really sent to conform. The weight and it does literally feel like your carrying weights in a trial, is measured for us personally. It says He made a decree for the rain, the trial will not exceed into something beyond grace that is given to walk through it and the last part of the verse, and a way for the lightening of thunder, there is a way to go through the shadow of death, a storm and its by and through Jesus and trusting in His wisdom that perfected the storm for our life. The last verse in chapter 28 says, and unto man he said, Behold the fear of the Lord , that is wisdom...... He told us all the places we humans often look, the world, through riches and things of this world would not even come close to gaining wisdom but he "told man" you get it from fearing Me. I heard a definition one time of what a healthy fear of the Lord is and I think our children are very familiar with it, older ones anyway. The fear of the Lord is to know that God's eye is upon us at all times and that every thought, word deed and action, we will have to give an account of before the Lord. I am thankful that I am learning to trust His wisdom with this trial because I really do not know what is best for me or my family, except it come from scripture.

Gotta get with it.....dinner??????.......look in freezer!!!!!!!! guys want meat!


Mountain Mama said...

So good to get caught up again.

Girlfriend!!...Your new glasses are adorable! You look awesome.

I am so jealous of your flips. So jealous, I could not read about them. ;-)

Making great progress on your kitchen/living/extra space. We are coming over when it is done! (i wish)

Thanks for your sweet fb msg.


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Cute little flip flops. SNAKES!!!! I am SO terrified I would have ran screaming, you are brave getting that pitch fork. I would be wearing knee high boots if I knew a snake could be around!! I guess one day when I have land that will be an issue I get to deal with. Glad you are still finding scripture for your heart. We pray for you guys still. The weather looks so inviting there. We are still freezing. You must have such a long stretch of warm!!! Well anyhow..................


Brittney said...

Happy Birthday Kate!! I hope you a have a wonderful year!

Shanna said...

Happy Birthday Kate!!!

I just love reading your blog. I know I dont comment much but your blog is a balm to my heart.

Teena said...

We love flip flops too!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Kate!

praying for you! Hugs...

so what is the secret?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Kate! You look so pretty in that picture with your husband. Your sweet little smile brings a smile to my face tonight. I hope you have had a happy, happy Birthday today.

Ann Parker

Sharon said...

Flip flops are fun here in the sub-tropics too. I've seen a few snakes even in the City, but mostly I have to watch out for the lizards running across my toes. If you feel like a huge splurge- go to and check out the possibilities there. I don't have a pair -- still drooling over all the possibilities while gagging on the price. :)

Sit A Spell said...

Flip flops, cute and fun...snakes, not so much! What kind was it?

Thanks for sharing your time in Job with us. I can apply it to our situation. Please lift up an OBU friend of mine who suddenly lost her husband last week.

What a cute couple...HAPPY Birthday KATE!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry I didn't get that it was "glasses!" I am a bit slow! Lol


Anonymous said...


Cynthia said...

Happy Birthday Kate!!! :-)