Wednesday, May 12, 2010

yall are gonna be mad, MORE BERRIES!!!!!

I can hardly believe this, went and picked MORE BERRIES!!!!!
this afternoon Thank the Lord for a wonderful harvest!!!! (and Terry)

another post below!


Abigail said...

Oooo...Fresh strawberries! The Lord is blessing us with a bountiful harvest this year! We will be picking blueberries by the bucket-fulls soon.

Shanna said...

So what's the price for shipping? LOL!!! Enjoy those sweet red blessings from the Lord.

Teena said...

ooooooohhhhhh awesome! Wish we could come buy some! :)

I have been reading.... just not commenting. I miss not commenting.

You are such an encourager to me.

Wesley was released from the neurosurgeon yesterday. we celebrated with a trip to the mountain and the a beautiful place with a waterfall.... posted pics.


Mark's Mommy said...

I know that we aren't supposed to covet...but wow! I am jealous!