Friday, June 4, 2010

Winner and what we did!!!!!!!

******If you would like an opportunity to WIN one of Caleb and Daniel's CD, Kelly, a bloggy friend is giving away two on Wednesday on her blog!!!! So grateful she was willing to do this for the guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

soaking wet girls......

this was the silver lariat, I rode and Hosie and Siah!!!!!


she was the first to guess!!!

"an amusement park"
(Wed. @ 2:42)

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******If you would like an opportunity to WIN one of Caleb and Daniel's CD, Kelly, a bloggy friend is giving away two on Wednesday on her blog!!!! So grateful she was willing to do this for the guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, that's where went for a family outing to celebrate with Danielle Bethany's 21st BD!!!!! Its called "Frontier City" here in OKC. We got there at 1 pm and we left at 10 pm. So 9 hours of fast rides, wet rides, scary rides, upside down rides, slow rides, high rides, round and round rides, spinning rides, twirling rides and then we started all over again! The day/weather was perfect, exactly what I wanted! We have not been to this amusement park in 17 years, we went in July 94, a year after we moved to Oklahoma. Bethany was 5 and Caleb and Daniel were 6 1/2, Elijah was 4, Anna was 1 1/2 and I was 8 months preg with Micah!!! Alot of fun together!! I was so suprised that Jeremiah, Hosanna and Josiah rode the roller coasters! I did not even do that! I rode this one thing the Silver Lariat that went on a rollercoaster track but the ride was over in like a minute, it went sooooo fast and so sharp and high, I felt like I was dropping off of the earth!!!! I do not get thrills out of fast and big rides!!! Some of the Stinson family came with us Bill and Mary and their daughter Hannah, Anna's friend from Tulsa and then we met Sidney and Robbie hanging out there too!

This morning I got up early and went to the grocery store and made it back home in a new record time, a little after 12:00. Bethany and Danielle are making cinnamon bread, cin. rolls and choc chip cookies to fill orders they have! Anna is at her iron job, and I really want to go take a nap! VB tonight for some, out to the land for some and Terry and I will be getting thigns ready for Farmers Market in the morning! Then tomorrow afternoon Sid and Kayleen are coming back for more vb and in the eve, more vb at a gym! Now is that enough vb for the weekend???? Also Billy Gilmore will be arriving on Saturday, he's from Mississippi and he will be working for Terry and on board here with our family for the summer. His sisters say he knows some vb, so I wonder what team he will be on????? I will get some pics of him soon because his family misses him and want to "see" him!!!

Here are "others" that I care about and I seek to pray for daily/or often! I think I have mentioned some of them on here before. They have great needs! I will have Anna do the links later when she gets home or in the morning so you can meet these folks and pray on their behalf! It is true that so many we know have great needs and we can bring them before the Lord, I can not tell how we felt your prayers when we were in the depth of our situation with Joel!

Katie- their baby Reese lived a short time after birth and are due in July with a new blessing
Karen- their baby Rebekkah was born still a week before due date
Karen- their 2 year old Silas died with same cancer as Joel
Meredith and Greg- 2 yr old boy/girl twins drowned Aug. 09
Jess and Joel- 11 month old little girl died with same cancer as Joel
Werner family- father/husband, brain injury after car accident, ( we use to go to church with them)
Ashley- 1 year old twin died of cancer
Jessica Kate- 2 year old twin died of same cancer as Joel
Angie- 2 year old son drowned Aug 08
Amy and Jon- due with first baby in July (I think) and has heart defects, surgeries after born
Sikma family- their baby boy was born with Trisonmy 18 and is still alive, a month after birth, many do not live long at all.

I have contact with many of these moms and we enjoy encouragement from each other. Prayer lists are endless but we keep petitioning our great God! Now that I have that cleared up. lets move on to "happy blogging and happy commentors!" I look forward to continuing to share with you our life, the ups and downs, things that break and things that work, God's provision, my heart as I grieve and also my heart as I trust the Lord with our Joel, things of our farm and garden, scriptures and truths, antics of the children, work and all the guys opportunities and hopefully beautiful stories of future marriages, and just all sorts of things!!! This blog allows me to share the memories of Joel and how I still miss him but I want to tell of great grace from the Lord as he continues to bring us through the valley of death unto the day that we will see him again. I am so grateful for all of you who continue to encourage our family, we are blessed to "know" you!!!!

Much love to you!!


The Suns said...

Wow! We're glad you had fun!
(We've been enjoying your blog for some time now - thanks for posting!)

Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

Oh my goodness how fun!!!! What a memorable time for you all!!! You are so creative and fun!!! I read your commenter on last blog post,hmmmmm. I have had a few of those kinds on my blog too(you are nicer than me when responding though!!!!) You are a blessing and those kind of people want to rain gloom on others for some strange reason. I love your blog and all you share. It has encouraged us soooooo much. I only wish we lived near to really know you!!!!! Happy birthday to your Bethany!!!


Beth said...

So glad you all had such a wonderful time together!

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, looks like you guys had so much fun! I went to Frontier City last June with a bunch of families from church and we had a blast! It is such a fun place! And I must say, Mrs. Morris, I LOVE the big, fast, scary rides! Did any of ya'll ride the Mind Bender? Well, before we went, I made a promise to myself that I would ride every single ride there since I don't get to go to amusement parks very often...and I did! I rode every single one, even the Mind Bender. Oh, I kicked and screamed and started to question my sanity for making such a hasty promise to myself, but three of my friends dragged me on, strapped me in, and threatened me within an inch of my life if I didn't hush up. So the ride started and knowing that they couldn't touch me while we were actually on the ride, I started screaming my head off, especially when the ride held me upside down! I was positively terrified! My friends still tease me to this day that they have never heard anything like it. :) After it was over, I tore off my seat buckle, jumped out, and was so relieved that I could have kissed the ground! But after a while, I decided I liked the thrill and went on it two more times! And you know what? It kind of grew of me... Now I love the Mind Bender! :)

Anyway, happy birthday Besh! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow! Cool!!!! And fun to get wet too in this heat!

We went to Six Flags once, it was AWESOME! And, yup, I did ride one ride that, no, TWO rides that I NEVER would have unless others dragged me on!! But, it was fun (even if I did have my eyes closed!)

Billy should be on his way!! I sure hope he can find his way there without getting lost...again.. :D


Anonymous said...

I am not an "unhappy commenter", I am just stating the truth as I see it and all your little "followers" who stick up for you are brainwashed and it is sad how much the younger girls and youngwifes and moms are goo goo over you and you probably dont even pay attention to them but at least everyone sticks up for you because they think your ways are so wonderful. does your god like this behavior or is he blind too I am done with this blog

The Gilmore Family said...

Oh, and did I forget to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETHANY!!!!


Abigail said...

Happy B-Day Bethany! You are now a "legal adult" (as opposed to being an illegal one). Looks like everyone had a great time!

Yes, please do post pics of Billy and the whole Morris gang! We are starting to miss him...LOL!