Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ps. 112......

I never would have thought a Psalm I read 22 days before Joel and Josiah's birth, that spoke to my heart, encouraged me, that I had written on index cards and said them as I lay in the bed at night when all is still, when the enemy seems to attack your mind with fear and worries, a Psalm with a verse that gave me strength to rest and trust and "welcome" them into our family and this world would also hold a verse that gave me comfort when Joel took flight out of this world. Psalm 112 gave me comfort and peace from fears as I experienced one of the "heights" of joy with the birth of Joel and Josiah and Ps. 112 gave me comfort as I experienced the lowest "depths" I have ever gone.......the death of our little Joel. Its just amazing to me how in 2003 with their birth God's Word was alive and real and in 2007 it held the same power to touch our different circumstances. Ps. 112 spoke in the beginning of their lives and at the end of Joel's life. That is just how God is though. He is the same yesterday, today and forever, his Word never changes nor his character, He has sworn by his own self that he will take care of His own, his children, those that have trusted him as Savior! I was reminded as I read these two verses form Ps. 112 this morning that His Word is so powerful, and it can penetrate to the deepest woes or it can lift us to the heights as we celebrate joys that He gives, it carries us no matter what road we are on! I hope you continue to be in the Word, you will starve if you do not take it in........

(the verse in 03 that gave me
comfort as I faced fears
of their birth: Ps. 112:7)

He shall not be afraid of evil tidings, his heart is fixed trusting in the Lord

(the verse that gave me comfort
as I walked through this
dark valley: Ps. 112:4)

Unto the upright there ariseth light in the darkness, he is gracious and full of compassion and righteous.

Lets see, today we are getting things in quick order for some afternoon/evening company. Anna is making a dessert and hamburgers will be on the menu. The guys are enduring the heat, but not without plenty of liquids and15 minute breaks throughout the day! Terry has a meeting and like I said making final arrangements with the rent house situation. We are coming up with some thoughts and ideas of how the girls can plan to go over once a week to clean and even make breakfast one morning for the fellows! I don't think they realize how glad they will be to see their sisters! Got some swimmers outside, and some dog shampooers inside!!! Gettin er done!

I was blessed yesterday to receive a phone call from a woman and she told me she watched Joel's Journey. That verse I seek to pray each day, for Joel's life to be a flame and Josiah's a fire is being answered and it makes me encouraged. On another note, I was found on fb by a long lost friend, a friend of my childhood, she lived down the street from me and we played and played all the time together. But the interesting thing is almost 23 years ago on August 26th, she was a nurse the night Caleb and Daniel were born. After many epidurals, the Dr. finally ended my misery by putting me "out" and Terry says when they were being delivered she literally was on top of the table straddled across me pushing Daniel out!!! I was excited to get back in touch with her! I have been thankful for sooooo many people that were in my days gone by but know I am able to hear from them and keep up with them through fb! Its been fun!

Friday night Terry gets the opportunity to do something he enjoys......teach! He has been asked to speak at OSU/OKC to a small group of folks on Organic Gardening, Farm stuff and how we do things here! Its a great way to get exposure to our farm and what we have to offer and sell! And even Anna is getting exposure to her photography as Terry will have pictures to go along with his lecture. Any opportunities like this is always a blessing as it helps further and expand the vision Terry has for our family and that is to work together and trust God for provision and do it for his glory!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We have vb birthday party to attend over the weekend, and I have not heard all the agendas as of yet, but I try to be prepared cause................."adventure is out there!!!!" Do you know what movie that quote is from????? Josiah's favorite movie and that is a little hint to a 7 year old bd coming up in Sept!!!!!!!


Katie said...

How neat, Cindy; our firstborn is also August 26th; he'll be TEN this year, can't believe it; I wonder if you're feeling the same with your manly sons!

Anonymous said...

~~~ UP ~~~~

Anonymous said...

Oh, oh! I know! :) It's from "UP"!!

Hey, Corrie! Look out! *SQUIRREL!!!!* :)

Marie said...

These people need your prayers and you are the most prayerful family I know. I've been reading them since the girl was a baby and now she's very sick and in big trouble. Give it a look and your prayers.


Teena said...

reading.... it is amazing how the scripture works... in our life.


Jessica said...

I'm glad that Terry could offer some wisdom from his years of gardening experience at the conference.

My tomatoes are suffering from some insect damage right now. Any advice for someone who does not want to spray with pesticides?