Wednesday, July 7, 2010


It is interesting the people you meet or rather the "ones" you don't meet because their name is "anonymous ." In these 3 years, we have only had a small amount of negative, semi negative comments. I am thankful for that! I have learned a little bit of what things I want to share and what to keep amongst our family and those that actually come to our home! But really when one can comment about our "bed time/schedule with little ones" that is a hoot!!! I do not understand "anonymous" people! To me they obviously do not seem like sincere folks if they have to remain "unknown." One thing I know and hope to teach our children is the fear of the Lord, which means the eyes of the Lord are in every place beholding the good and the evil and one day we will give an account of every thought, word, deed and action before the Lord. Help me to fear you Lord and not man by your grace!!!!!!!

Blessings to all, even the anonymous folks!!!!

Hey, and thanks Anna for some pictures......!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I had to pick "Anonymous" this time!
YEAH! Pictures!!!!! Reminds me of Lilian playing in the sand the other day! Kids and sand go well together, maybe 'cause you can get really dirty, and then just brush 90% off!
I know sometimes I leave anonymous comments, no mean/critical ones and not on here(usually!), but any time I've done it I've always questioned myself later trying to figure out why I didn't want to "face up" to what I said? Sometimes it's for a joke, sometimes because they wouldn't know me anyway, sometimes because I don't want to offend, but felt the need to say it. But the latter isn't good, if I believe something strong enough to say it I should be confident enough to put my name on it! I think that's one downside of the internet; there is little accountability for what we say sometimes!
I appreciate the reminder that the eyes of the Lord are everywhere, he sees the heart!
Got to go, Mavie is calling my name! 8D
( : Mav'sMavette : )

Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

I had to go back to read the comment. I have had really bad comments, so bad I have had to put on comment moderation. I mean perverted,cruel and just mean. I agree, the people arent sincere and the eyes of the Lord are everywhere. Well I dont even know you personally and you can see the fruit of your children on this blog and just because they dont go to bed at a certain time or whatever is like the silliest thing someone could attack you on!!!! I am pretty sure their bed time will have nothing to do with the spiritual and eternal things!!! Anyhow, you are doing a good job and are like the hugest example to me and i just read your blog. Blessings


The Burnett Family said...

Love the pictures!!!!

(This is a big hint for of your dreams came true, Mrs. M!!!!) lol ;)

The New Brunswickers said...

Interesting blog entry Cindy. I'm with you on this one. I believe a "hurried child", one that tends to move through the day on a time table, can become stressed and anxious. I truly believe it is parental love, guidance and role modeling that shapes our "littles" into law-abiding individuals. Somehow none of you EVER look stressed or anxious! ha! Keep doing what you do best .... being a WONDERFUL mom and role-model (and keep the clock well hidden!)

Ann Parker said...

Oh Boy, do I feel dumb now. Well, I learned I didn't have to get the magnifying glass out to view the pictures on the internet. It was a good day too when I discovered that I could just click on them and "Tada" they got big. On this subject of Anonymous, I always click that because before it was the only "button" that would let me publish my comment. Shoot, maybe I have done gone and got myself a google account or something and it does not have to be anonymous anymore. Well, I am fixin to try it. I hope I don't lose all this valuable information I'm sending you. By the way, I always sign my name anyway. I don't wanna be anonymous, I just don't know any better.

Ann Parker said...

It seems like I had the same problem with my daughter in law's blog, and I fiddled around with signing up for a Google Account. I remember I was a little scared. That word "account" sounds like I'm signing up to PAY for something. Oh well, it is good to see it worked. From now on, I won't be one of those Anonymous folks.

The Ahlgren Family said...

P.S. Just wanted to mention that I really like the first pic of Mercy. Very nice.

The Mayo Family said...

Hello Cindy & family,
Lets just say this...
when a family has the countenance that yall have and the love for the "Lord Jesus Christ" shines through and in all you do...
let us all just stop and pray for those who feel that there is always a "nat to pick at"!
You know that is the thing, there are some who are just not happy in some of their choices and/or/life so they focus on others lives and try to correct things that seem to be "not the way they would do it"! Lets look at these with eyes of the Lord...with love and pray for them. My hubby and I have come a long walk down a road of recovery...after leaving a very so to speak conservative setting...lets say one learns, there are many in this life and yes in the "christian" circle that can become very close to lean on the side of "legalism". So, unless one would do "everything" the way these would think will never please them! And we all know who it is we are living to please and glorify...our heavenly Father! Look up focus on not let these "comments" drag you down, Pray for them on the spot and let it go out from your memory. Sister we are blessed by your family, testimonies, your sweet Joel's life, and let me encourage you...from our home to yours,
"keep on doing what your doing, as your a testimony to others (my older ones) that yes, it is okay to have a few newer rules as we all mature"! :) Ha! We love it! It will be school once again...and summer will be a memory and back to "other schedules"!
God bless as you serve HIM!
Thanks for your sharing and being a blessing to "many others"!
Lori for our family!

Mountain Mama said...

Hello Friend!
Its been awhile since I have visited your blog. Been missin' ya. Glad to hear about the van. I bet you just go sit in the van, turn it on, crank the a/c and continue to sit there! :-)

Sorry you received the negative comment.
anonymous (hee hee)

Anonymous said...

I'm anonymous, but I'm definetely alive and well here! :)

Kristen Leigh said...

Hi there! I just came across your blog, and I've been reading about Joel... you are such an encouragement to the church! Even though I've never met you, just hearing your faith in Christ is building my faith.

On a side note - I'm a Christian photographer in Maryland. My goodness, some of the anonymous comments I get? They are shocking! So sorry you have to deal with any of that :-/ It's always a good reminder to pray for the lost...