Friday, July 9, 2010

getting ready for the weekend !!!!!

I knew it would get crazy as the weekend drew near!!!!! The guys went to work but returned. We have had so much rain the last few July! Their job sites are muck! Upon them returning from work is where it revolved into "high speed!" Kate had already arrived on the scene this morning because Dave had a meeting, so her and Mavie are keeping us in the straight and narrow!! After lunch the peoples started departing. Caleb had to go pick up a shirt for the wedding, Elijah and a few had to go to Stillwater, then the girls had to run a few errands and that is when I got to keep Lilian!! She is so sweet! Me and Mercy and Lilian played in the sandbox and then we came in and rocked and she is out!! Now they have arrived back at the house and are leaving to go play baseball at a field in town, then later we are suppose to go to a rodeo, all the while Terry is getting stuff ready for Farmers Market and I am trying to get clothes ready for the wedding and for the ones that have to go the the rehearsal and then spend the night. The wedding is Sunday morning and it will take us about 2 1/2 hours to travel there :( Worth it of course but you know I can not stand to travel!!!!! And tomorrow afternoon we have to go pick up Anna's friend that is staying with us for a week!!!! I use a lot of exclamations, don"t I????? I guess that's what my life feels like!!!!!!!

Oh, the big news is....remember the "monster truck" Daniel bought about 6 weeks ago????? Well, he sold it today!!!! A fun "toy" for a while and then the gas was eating his billfold!!! So thankful it sold so quick!!!!! I think a "normal" size truck is on the agenda now!! At least he can say he owned one of those big machines!!!!

We got the tongue and groove wood for the ceiling, enough to finish it out, the work is plenty but the laborers are few.....they hit the road! Hope to get it up soon, I guess I will have to bribe them with dessert.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!


The Gilmore Family said...

Aww such cute pictures!!

Hope the weekend goes smoothly! (and the van doesn't break down?!)

Sarah G.

The Ahlgren Family said...

Oh! I love the pic of you and Mavie! :D Thanks for letting me and Mavie hang out with ya'll all day and us all night and for baby sitting for a few hours!!! You'll be a wonderful grandma someday(soon I pray!)! (You're a wonderful "god-grandma" to Mavie, I think that's what they call it...) Your family is such a delight and we are SO SO SO blessed to have you as such close friends! We love ya'll like family! <3

Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

I love the pics. Especially you and little Mavie!!! :) How fun for you and I am excited to see you become a grandma someday soon. I just know it is soon! Sounds busy there, I can see how your life is one big explanation!!!! :) What a blessing. Hope your heart is full of peace as I know you still weep over sweet Joel. God is faithful.


Rachel Wissmann said...

Your blog is an encouragement! It'd be wonderful to meet you all someday!

Anonymous said...

I know I alreafy commented but figured you would't mind!!
Despite every thing Billy told us about y'all ... We still think y'all are pretty cool!!!! :

Picking berries with Billy!! Bye!

Sarah G.

Abigail said...

Hey Morris Family! It's been SO much fun having our brother back, even if it's for only a few days. (Check out our blog soon for what we did while he was here.) It's been fun "getting to know you all" through Billy. We went to your blog last night and he said, "Oh, my family!"

Anyway, love the pictures on this post - especially the one of Mercy and Dan. It's so cute!

Hope you all have a great week!