Monday, August 2, 2010

ada job is NOW!

The guys headed out early this morning with blueberry muffins in their tummy made by their early rising sister Anna !!!!! With two trucks loaded and a tool trailer in tow ( a really nice brand new Terry got for this job) they are off to the long awaited job site to build the walls of a 50,000 sq ft school with Build Block, Insulated Concrete Forms. If the Lord brings it to mind, pray for safety as they work, for wisdom for Terry as he manages this crew in Ada and also he is managing a small crew on OKC (and he still needs a few more guys so e mail if interested,) pray they will stay cool in this heat, and all the guys will have strength and endurance and then mostly it will be a job well done for His glory!!! There has been a little twist added to this adventure, along with the construction part of this Caleb and Daniel have just been asked to do a music project of writing music for a small animated movie that has to do with character qualities. I don't have a lot of info on that part of it but this is the biggest paying project they have been asked to do thus far. It is likely that there could be more opportunities to do music for other character movies they will make as well. Sooooooo, that meant they had to empty their studio and load all the equipment up and take it with them to work on this in the evenings. Sorry guys, not as much vb as you thought was gonna happen in the evenings:)

Ok, so us girls are bout to be off as well with a van loaded with stuff as well. Pray for us if you think of it, its suppose to be 103 today and we are travelin without air in the van. God has been so faithful, I know from experiencing all he has done for us in the past he will take care of even matters as travel and safety in an ole' van! He is God! Anna made a new recipe out of the Pioneer Womans cookbook, the enchilada's and we'll enjoy eating with all our guys tonight in the little house and then we will travel back to our little house on our farm and begin this new way of life....staying upon our Jehovah as he takes us down this path.

Stay cool and swim for me today!!!

Thank you so much for praying, for caring, for keeping on with us, we are blessed because of YOU!!!


Mountain Mama said...

Oh fun! Our Big Canyon lodge is built with the Build Block. We love it. Wish we were closer and I could send my men(boys) over to help! However, I don't think we could handle the heat. Us mountain people get uncomfortable at anything 90 or hotter. :-)


( : The Mavericks : ) said...

I made blueberry muffins this morning too! I guess you could call them "Billy Blueberry"! Those berries he brought back sure are tasty!
We hope the day went well and that you got them all settled in! We've been thinking about you throughout the day and praying for ya'll!

The Gilmore Family said...

I was wondering if you all used Billy Blueberries or not for your muffins. Did you eat them all or freeze most of them? We tried to pick more last week and only got 10 gallons picking for 2 hours times EIGHT people. We made $70 for a trip we want to take up to Starkville, MS Labor Day weekend. Some of the kids are training to run a 5-K. Sorry I got carried away. THIS IS YOUR BLOG!!!
Billy did call us last night. He sounds really happy and doing wonderful. Thank you all for taking care of him so well.

elizabeth said...

You have the PW cookbook! I am so jealous. :-) just joking.

My sisters swam on Monday for you. I actually read this post after they had swum but thought I'd still mention it.

It was HOT yesterday.
Praying for you and your wonderful family!

><> 1 Peter 1:4-9 <><

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Pioneer Woman!!!! I cook out of her book every week! Have you made the Maple Pecan Scones yet??? They are scrumdidileeumptious!!! :)