Tuesday, August 10, 2010

me and kate report and stuff.!

I did not trip with the tray or spill anything on anybody but Kate said she dropped a roll in a persons lap!!! oops! It went well as far as serving but it was a very interesting wedding party and guests for sure. Lets just say I am glad Bethany and Anna were too busy to do this! Where there is no fear of God, desires for pleasures of this world are unleashed through lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the wantonness of drink that leads to a life that is needy of Christ, for forgivness, and redemption. When I look at such and see God's great mercies to such a worm as I and know that I am now more deserving than the lot of folks we served Saturday, all I can say is O, Lord, thank you for your mercies! An eye opener for sure! And I think this was a rare case!

Week 2 for the Ada adventure! As far as logistics it is working well, getting the meals covered, but alot of work, its like cooking two dinners, one for here and then one for the guys there. Last week we were in such a rush that the emotions did not hit until this week, its not easy having your husband and older sons gone, we miss them! The girls, Micah and Andrew just headed down there to clean, spend the night, take dinner for tonight and the rest of the week and to play vb. You see the BSU is about a block and half away, they can walk to the outdoor vb court. Really they have a great set up, the job is 7 minutes, vb is say 2 min walk, and Wal Mart is 10 minutes......all they need, right???? I guess I feel a bit sad knowing that this is the schedule for 3-4 grueling months! Maybe, just maybe it will go faster than thought! There is another hitch and we do not know if it will come to pass, but a bid is being considered for the guys to go to Canada to build a Cabella's store, one of those hunting/fishing outdoor stores. It would start end of Sept and be about a 4-6 week job. We will know soon if this will come to pass, so Terry really needs a few extra prayers as he manages and gets people to work. I feel for him, it is alot to carry as far as details and figuring it all out.

Last night we watched Chronicles of Narnia movie, Prince Caspian, So today the littles are playing it! They actually thought the movie was scarry. Terry has read the Chronicles to the older ones many times and they definitely are able to draw out the spiritual analogies but the younger ones just see all the unusual animals and people not comprehending the meanings. I ahve to confess, I got teary eyed at the end when the song The Call was sung, it had a phrase in it that said," you'll come back when they call you, no need to say goodbye," I don't have to say good bye to him, its just a moment in time here and then forever together. I liked the part of Aslan telling Lucy at the end that her friends had fought long enough and now he was going to move on the scene and then victory was coming, supernatural things started happening and the enemies were consumed! I can't help but anticiapate the "drama" that is yet to come yet I was so encouraged to think even as we tarry here and think we can not fight or endure any longer, God then moves on the scene, showing himself strong with help from on high. I don't consider that God did not help us with Joel, He did!!! He moves and works in ways that bring Him the most glory, whether its healing that will bring the most glory or a death that brings the most glory.

Yesterday my eye was feeling like it had a sty thing on it. Did not think much of it. Last night I thought I would go take a look under the eyelid and it was rather tender and some tissuey stuff under it, so this morning I went to my eye doctor and as of now he thinks it is an eyelid infection and hopefully with an antibiotic, it will clear up quickly. Makes me look a little weird, its a bit puffy! Mercy woke up with a "sick" she said but now she is going full speed, don't know what happened there but she is good now.

Since just us littles are here, they are having hot dogs, Jeremiah is in charge of fixin it!!! I guess I told Mercy I would make some cookies, so I will have to keep my word.

Thursday, Anna is having an "all girl party" honoring her graduation, its an all nighter! Since the guys won't be here anyway, we are sending all the rest of the little guys over to Dave's! He is going to be in charge of my children......scarry!!! JK!!! Kate is coming here. At some point I know I am going to go to my room and just close the door and hope they don't destroy too much. What can girls do???? Anna is in charge of all the snacks and food and entertainment!

Take care....... the picture of Joel on the header and on the side with the "cow hat." was taken on the 7th, when a picture matches a day, it is tough.....he was soooo excited bout that hat!


Anonymous said...

can't wait til Thursday!!! don't worry, Mrs. Morris, we'll be good little angels! :)

Shanna said...


I really appreciate you. You are such an encouragement to me.

Thank you so much for your posts.

Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

Wow, that would be hard to have your husband and boys gone for so long. Hang in there and they will be home before you know it!!! The picture of Joel is precious. Sorry it stings. Someday there will be no more sting. You encourage me. Take care, I hope the time flies for ya!!!


Sharon said...

Take care of your eye Cindy, you'll need it to see all the blessings from the Lord in the coming days. :) Glad to hear Terry has work; that's a blessing these days. Enjoy your extra moments with the littles.

Natalee said...

Thanks so much for your encouragement, Cindy.....yes, God's mercies are new every morning and I know that he uses those mercies everyday to mold me into the wife and mother that would be pleasing to Him. He places godly people in your life to be examples of His goodness and His greatness and I am so glad your family is that to me!

Hope your eye gets better and take care this week as you all are transitioning!
God Bless,

Vanderpolclan said...

We would be so excited to have a Cabela's here in Canada, I'm assuming it would be Toronto area. It will be neat to "know" the people building it. We live about 3 hours north.


Janet said...

I haven't been a good blogging buddy lately with my Mum's illness and all! I have been reading but don't get time to blog myself or comment much! You are an inspiration though, and with this horrible disease, I feel your pain, although its not my child,which I imagine is MUCH more difficult. I hate to see my Mum suffer as she does, but as she prays every time she goes for radiation (which is every week day) Be Still and KNOW that I am God! I think of you often - people like you, make me strong!