Monday, August 23, 2010

pre-birthday fun!!

(Nilson family and Morris crew, one of the Nilson daughters, Grace came to dinner
but after she had another engagement so we are missing her in this picture!!!!!)

Since Caleb and Daniel will be in Ada at the job on their birthday Thursday, we decided to celebrate a bit early! Last night we went to Bricktown in OKC for some fun!! They wanted to eat at Toby Keith's and they got em' a steak!! After, we walked around, sang happy birthday to them and took some pictures! We had a good time of fellowship with the Nilson family too, (hope we did not embarrass you too much:) After we got home, Dave and Kate popped in and gave C &D a gift and then the Ada workers packed up their stuff and headed out. They had a big concrete pour in the walls very early this morning.

Anna and Bethany are getting some last minute items for the wedding trip. Bethany needed a necklace to wear with her bridesmaid dress and Anna needed something to wear with the dress she is wearing to the wedding. I was going to go along but Mercy Morris is not feeling great today, a little stomach bug. She has been resting in my bed peacefully, hopefully it is a short bug and she'll be up and going by evening. If Mercy feels better by tomorrow I will have to make my last minute stops tomorrow in town. We are renting a van for the trip, so Lord willin, the rent van will get us there without vehicle complications and we will have air!!!!!

Well, tons of laundry here, some are going out to swim so I better go get some more sun with them!!!

Have a great Monday!!!!


Mountain Mama said...

Oh Cindy! I have missed you. I just spent a few minutes trying to get caught up on your lifes happenings. Busy Morris family.

Happy Bday to C & D!!

Love the cowhide chair. So cute and very fun!!

We get Country but not Country Extra. We love that magazine. We all fight for it when it arrives in the mail. :-) Way to go Anna. Cute pic of Siah!!


ps my mom is doing fabulous. She just finished her 3rd round of chemo. Her "cancer" numbers are down from 12,000 to 340. Normal is 0-30. She looks great and feels great. Many praises to God. Thanks for your prayers.

Teena said...

Thinking about you today.... it was good chatting last night.

Praying for you. You have helped me so much with my Dad's death... and not feeling bad by still talking about him. Your faith and testimony with Joel has shown me so much.

I think of him a lot... seeing your family pics and Caleb & Daniel's pictures. I am so thankful for your family.


Marie said...

Happy B'day to your Caleb and Daniel. They are two handsome young men, wow!! It is always a little bit of a downer when you have to work on your birthday but it works out that way about every 6-7 years lol.
Love the chair. Do you stick to leather in the heat? I know you have ferocious heat - far worse than in Minnesota. Although in the summer we have terrible humidity. It's cooling down at night and morning also now. Fall is here! Not looking forward to snow that's for sure.

p.s. This comment is all over the place - sorry! lol