Tuesday, August 3, 2010

home sweet home #2

home sweet home #2
rent house Terry and the guys are
staying in for this job!!

LR area, we took our older couch and a recliner over

kitchen area

the guys set up for music work!!!

Ada, the guys new "adopted" town!

job site......the white is the start of walls going up
they did that much just Monday

these are what the blocks look like upon delivery

this is a hallway leading to doors to classrooms

Terry showing the young workers to be
the job!!

job site.....

still alot of concrete to pour by the other crews

these photos were taken with a phone, so not too great,
thats the wall they got going yesterday

first day of "school" and their superintendent in the lead...LOL!

did u get sent out of your classroom.....too rowdy????????

Is it going to rise everyday???? Yesterday it was 103, today it is suppose to be 104!!! All the pics above were taken with a phone, forgot the real camera! We got them all settled in their new or shall I say "old" abode!! It will work for a bunch of guys but sincerely our family is so blessed to have the home and little farm we do. Jeremiah received confirmation that he does not like the city!!!! No backyards or front yards either. It is way better set up than a hotel could be for sure and cheaper over the long haul of the 3-4 months. We got there bout 2 ish, unloaded, the guys had already been there and unloaded the big stuff, so us girls got busy putting everything in place while the littles acted like wild hyenas in a new place. The good thing is there is not much there to break except walls, doors and such, but with our crew that is possible. Seriously the littles enjoyed playing-n-seek in closets that were empty!!!! Bethany had to go to Wal Mart twice and then bout 5 ish I put the enchiladas in the oven and bout 6:15 the guys got "home." Phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did they ever smell!!!!!!!!!! I took them around and showed them the set up and hope they can find everything after we left :) Enjoyed our dinner together, ate dessert, and then we went over to the job site real quick and then us girls and the littles headed out only to be detoured from the route we take to get home because of a road block so that took us onto greater adeventures through Stratford Oklahoma! Home of the famous Burnett family....my friend!!! We were going to be driving right by their road soooooooooooooowe had to stop, BUT we had to do it secretly!!!!!!! They are all tucked in their home, golden lights glowing from within, all looks calm and secure for the night UNTIL we pull up past their yard to park outta sight, go to the back door and sneak in their washroom. I crack the door and peek inside and not much movement, I finally see a "body" in the LR so with a blast and screams we swing the door open and trample/run loudly down their hallway and with a few shocked looks we surprised them!!!!!! I guess we were not loud and rowdy enough, they did not even scream! Had a good little visit and round 9;30 I think we loaded up to finally head to our farm BUT not without another adventure!!!!!!!!!! I have a new "past time!!" Driving through lawns!!!!! This neighborhood does not have curbs so as we pulled on to the narrow asphalt and headed straight, well I just kept going straight and it was pitch dark.......I kept going and going and soon I was driving in this nice mowed Bermuda grass and thought to myself, "I guess the grass has grown over the road a bit!" That thought left quickly as Bethany started saying something like "mom, this is somebody's yard!" Of course by now we are all laughing hysterically so I stop after touring the persons yard with our 1 ton van and decide to turn into a small piece of pavement, well that was their carport, so back up again and finally get out to the real road!!!!!!!!!!! We had to head back towards the Burnetts from whence we came and I could see a shadow of Mr. Burnett throwing his arms in the air and likely thing "women drivers!?!?!?" As we drove by him and a couple of his children we were laughing sooooo hard and I think he might have to answer a few inquiries from his neighbors!!!!! BUT we hi-tailed it outta there and left it with him!!!!!!
Soooo did we make it home??????????? Yes!!!! About 11:15 pm!!!! See God was Faithful to get us back home!! That was enough adventures for a day! How bout that one "Mav and Mavette??"

I talked to Terry this morning and the first night went well! He said it was so cold he could barley sleep......and here we are so hot we can barley sleep! Its not that bad here, we are adjusted now LOL!!!!! Glad the guys can enjoy the coolness after they have been so hot all day long and they can relax in it. So far so good on this end too. The hard part will be cooking for a smaller crew.

The girls went to iron, I'm doing this, the littles are playing, and now need to go see whats on the menu tonight.

Thank you for praying if you did and if the Lord brings it to mind, keep praying for us and the work crews!!


Hannah B. said...

LOL!! I wish I had been out in our yard to see the driving entertainment!! That was hilarious!!!

So glad y'all popped...er, stormed in! ;)

EJE said...

I like your new blog design. :-) It is more formal than the green was, but I like it.
I got the Music Cd in the mail last Saturday. I have enjoyed listening to it.
Thanks again!

><> 1 Peter 1:4-9 <><

Lesli Westfall said...

Wow! it looks great, a lotta work! I don't know how you do it! Praying all will go well with and in both dwellings! Now, stop cutting them yards like that!

Bless you,