Thursday, August 5, 2010

more adventures !

Hot dogs, chips, cokes, guacamole dip........for dinner.....I can get by with that!!!!! This will be our meal once a week (since the guys are gone) to give me a break in cookin!! Easy to fix, easy to clean up!

Adventures continue around here! From the home front and from the place at Ada. The adventures from Ada were after the guys worked til 5:30 pm in over 100 degree heat yesterday, Caleb, Daniel and Elijah and another friend went to haul hay starting around 8:30pm and hauled until 3:30 am, yea, like the next morning!! They did not go to bed until this morning around 5:00 or so. They slept in a bit but then had to get back on the construction site! Crazy guys for sure!

Adventures on the home front include dropping Anna off at Frontier City (the place we went as a family with all the rides) to meet a friend, then Bethany, Mercy and myself went on a wedding gift hunt for her friend Danielle who is getting married this month!!!! Perfect gifts for a incredible young lady!

The weekend looks like many adventures too on the home front, some going on a quick trip to Missouri for a wedding shower, working on the land with Dave's new bobcat that he is letting the guys use, hopefully getting "somebody" to finish the wood ceiling, and preparing meals for the guys next weeks stay in Ada

I just came in from a 4 wheeler ride with Anna. I told her I wanted to go find some cow bones to decorate with and we got one head! Gruesome huh? Its western and southwest look! Upon this little ride, as Anna weaves her way through the thick limbs and branches, my head becomes stuck in a branch of wishbone shape! Not good! Country girl does not slow down enough and it was a close call to falling off the back of the 4 wheeler! I thank you Anna for transporting me safely back home with my cow skull!

Seriously, Terry and the guys are doing fine, we are too! He has 9 guys for a crew, one of the guys, Willey helps in OKC not Ada. Tuesday night he was able to secure another guy they met playing vb. From what Terry shared about this fellow, it will be a good opportunity to be a testimony to him by God's grace and encourage him. Sometimes I think when we are around all the "right" people, we loose perspective and vision that God wants us to make disciples and be a light to others. To those that are lost of course and those that need encouragement of being sharpened by others that are continuing in the faith. So, Lord willing our crew can minister to this young man.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!! That means the guys come home after work!!!!


I'm Kristen said...

I just want you to know... I am now craving guacamole after reading that first sentence haha sounds soooo gooood.

Abigail said...

Yum!! I'd take that supper once a week! I would almost rather haul hay into the early morning hours with it as hot as it is right now! The only thing, down here the dew settles quite heavily and the bales get REALLY heavy and wet. Not good to stack in the barn that way! But glad they got to work some.

Hey do we get to see a picture of your new decor in it's place? I'd love to see it!

Praise God for the continuous growth of work for the guys! That's always a blessing!


Anonymous said...

Oh Wow! Mrs. Cindy! I couldn't help but laugh throughout the whole post!

Those guys are Crazy! Well, kind of. It does get awful hot hauling hay, but...till three in the morning? More power to em' is all I can say LOL!

And as for hunting for a cow skull...well I say! I don't hear about to many mothers hunting for bones to decorate with!! Loved it!


Danielle said...

You are far too sweet! :) Thanks SOo much for letting them come up for the shower!!! It'l make the day FOR SURE!!! Miss you guys all soo much! Can't wait to see you in um...23 days..or even sooner!!! :)

Love you guys!