Thursday, August 19, 2010

siah is famous !!!!

Josiah is "famous!!" He is now taking autographs!!!! Does anyone get Country Extra magazine?? Turn to page 18 and you will get to see Josiah (blue shirt and jeans carrying flowers) in a picture that Anna entered in the magazine! A fun opportunity and we are making him feel like he made it to the "top!!" Have you ever made it to a magazine???? Good job, Anna!!

The guys had some rain at the Ada job so they are working on OKC until Monday, hoping to finish up some things in this area. All seems to be going smoothly on the Ada job. The a/c did go out at the little rent house but the owner was able to get it fixed over the weekend. So we have the guys here!!!

Glad you all liked the cow chair! Terry and I tried it out last night and it is very cozy! It looks nice with the red wall.

Next Thursday the 26th, our first born sons, Caleb and Daniel will be 23 years old! Hard to believe, yet at the same time it seems a long time ago. Thankfully I have very vivid memories of their tiny first weeks. I have tons of pictures that I need to do something with that carry me back to their childhood and I certainly treasure the stories in those pictures. They have been a huge joy is an understatement, I am so proud, yes proud of them!! I read a verse yesterday and it carried me back to infant, childhood and young manhood and now full manhood training of not only Caleb and Daniel but all the children. It really is a verse that Terry has implemented so well over these years and of course all by God's grace. As ye know how we exhorted and comforted and charged everyone of you as a father doth his children. I Thes. 2:11 In our world today, in our churches today, godly fathers are a desperate need! I am thankful that Terry has always taken full responsibility to seek to fulfill this calling of being a godly father. He will be the first to admit, that he has many faults but I say right along side of that he is an incredible dad/father! That verse mentions 3 things, exhort, comfort and charged. Terry has done and is still doing these three words in our family with his sons and daughters.

He has exhorted them to know Christ, to teach the scriptures to them, he has exhorted them to fear God, to know His eye is upon us at all times, to let brotherly love continue (in our household of many siblings:) to be light, to use their talents for the Lord, he puts forth scriptures to them to convict their consciences, and more.

Terry comforts our children, he is far more tender hearted than me, he literally will not give them a "stone" if they ask for bread very late at night...... I say the kitchen is closed!!!!! I thnk one of the greatest ways this has been demonstrated is with Joel. Every heart has hurt, some more, some deeper, some longer but it has been a hurt and even will continue to be, but Terry has brought comfort through the teaching of scriptures to the children and it began long ago that we serve a Sovereign God, that ALL things work for our good and for HIS glory. No human can give comfort in death but scripture and truth can! Terry has led and taught our children that God has eternal plans, purposes, and it is all according to His perfect will. So he has comforted them in a way that will carry them hopefully through their days in this sinfilled world.

Challenged them, yes, in so many areas. Terry has challenged them to be debt free, to work heartily for the Lord and have a diligent work ethic, he has challenged them to keep their eyes, hearts and bodies pure for God's glory and for their beautiful and handsome spouses :) He has challenged them to hold to scripture, to seek for answers and direction in God's word, he has challenged them to be protectors of sisters, to be manly, to listen and play music that honors the Lord, he has challenged them to wait upon the Lord for the desires of their hearts.

I hope each of our children know what a godly father they have and may your own dad be your hero!

I am trying to get through this week, next week will be a blowout for sure. Three birthdays, a trip to Illinois for Danielle's wedding....Yippeee!!!! Getting all the trip stuff ready and just maintaining before we leave, the guys food for next week......whew!!!! Just gotta do for today....and that means I think I will go outside and get some sun!!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Anna!!!! You rock!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Anna, that's SO COOL!!! I do not get Country EXTRA but we do get Country... and I've tried ever so many times to get a photo published.... maybe I should try again! (did you email or snail mail the picture in?)

Ms. Cindy... I really, really, REALLY liked your post! So encouraging and I know what you say is true b/c of somethings Billy has shared with us. Thank y'all for being an examply to us and to Billy!

I pray the LORD will instill in my husband-to-be all these qualities and the will to do EVERYTHING God's way and to be bold and be a Godly husband/dad/leader!

Happy early 23rd B-day to Caleb and Daniel (whom I STILL cannot distinguish between!!!!!)

And hope Danielle's wedding is God honouring and a blessed day for her and all who attends!! (I cannot WAIT till one of my siblings gets married!!!!) :D

Thank you for the great post!


Anonymous said...

Wow.. I should REALLY spell check before submitting my comments!!!

*some things

*sarah (blush)

Abigail said...

Well, I guess I'll just say ditto to everything Sarah said (minus the spelling errors)! *smile*

I did enjoy reading this post. It's so wonderful to hear about other families who are striving after God and living out Biblical principles in the way they raise their children. And, Ms. Cindy, it's so nice to hear the testimony of how your husband has lead your family and is "training them up in the way they should go". Thank you SO much for sharing!

Way to go, Anna, on the published photo! That was such a sweet shot! Country Mag is great.

And happy B-Day to Caleb and Daniel! (I think I can tell them apart, thanks to Billy).


Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

I liked reading about Terry and all the dedication he has had for his children. What a blessing. When are you guys gonna write a book for us young ones starting with a new family!!!???? :) Chad is much like Terry. More tender hearted than me, longsuffering, and devoted to his family forever.

Oh, like the wild couch!!!! Looks like you!!!!


Andi said...

Hello there! I somehow came across your blog, and I just wanted to say that it's such a blessing for me to see families like yours. It gives me hope. Both your husband and you seem like wonderful, godly parents, and I'm sure all 13 of your children recognize and appreciate that. It looks like you've done a wonderful job thus far with them all! I pray God's blessings on your family, and I'm sure I'll continue to follow your blog in the future, if that's alright. As I said, it blessed me! :)