Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Party

After a day of grocery shopping and then getting home and "doing" a party, I am going to sleep late in the nobody call:) We had a fun time, Anna's wonderful dessert was amazing, and I "snuck" only one of the Reese's Butter Cups and Terry got some Starbucks truffles and I had to have one of those, so that's it for me for a while!!!! Mercy and I had to get in the party spirit and we painted our toes Valentine Red!! I am grateful for the girls help to pull this off, I think all the guys have very happy belly's right now! Thank you Lord for the blessing of family and the fun we can have together!

Happy Valentine's day!!!!


Marie said...

I just love the way you do things so special for your family and with them. That party table looked fabulous and the food also.
Good job to everyone, I am sure they all enjoyed.
Happy Valentine's Day !!!


Jessica said...

The top photo is precious... your little sweethearts!

The decorations and treats are beautiful!

Brouwer Family said...

You are amazing at throwing celebrations! Could you have another "competition" so we have a chance to win some of those amazing looking goodies! I don't always remember which of your children are the chefs but I think that they have a future in catering!

Mountain Mama said...

Oh what fun! Beautiful family. Beautiful table. Beautiful treats. A beautiful LOVE!!!
Happy Valentines Day

BoufMom9 said...

Hi. I just saw the lovely comment you left on my friend Jess' blog (Tuesday's mom) and wanted to come over and thank you for reaching out to her.
She truly needs the support of other moms who have been where she is now. It's so heartbreaking. (I am sorry for your loss as well)

It's also nice to meet another Christian mom of many:)
Hope you have a lovely holiday with your beautiful family.
Most sincerely, Debi

Lindsay said...

Thank you for your comments on my Your prayers are appreciated and your strength is inspiring. Please continue to pray for me and Avi... as I will continue to pray for you and Joel....
Lindsay- Avi's mommy

Jessica Kate said...

On this day of love, thank you for reaching out to me. We are escaping for a week to delay reality, but as soon as we return home, to a home that feels empty, even tho it's full, I'll get in touch.
I'm confident that you have much to teach me.
Jessica Kate
Tuesday's mama

Christine said...

The treats look so delightful! I hope your day was blessed!