Tuesday, February 10, 2009

From Start to Finish.....

*****The weather came through.....hail the size of a golf ball here at our house, our van has a few "pings," and it cracked the windshield, a tornado took the roof off of a house that is about a mile away from us (on the other side of the volunteer fire department) and two others have damage, serious weather here today, Edmond and OKC have severe damage in areas, and yes we were in the storm shelter here*****

How I like to start projects but I have this "thing," I want to finish the project! And that goes for orders around the house too, if I give a project, chore, I want it to be finished, but with thoroughness, accuracy and timely, not to be "drug" out! I am a stickler for having it done right! I read a verse this morning that gave me an idea of what Gods plans are for me and really you too!! I already know whats in store for you.......... Phil. !:6, Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. If we have truly repented and put our faith in Christ to save us from our sin, then He has started "something" in us and He will finish it!! Now lets write the verse another way, like this.....
He which hath begun ( perform ) until the day of Christ

The reason I wrote it like that was to give you a sort of picture in your mind of all that is in between the parenthesis, that is what is going to take place from the start to the finish, its really "our life." God is the One that is going to perform it, and it says over in 2:13, For it is God which worketh in you both to will and do of his good pleasure. He is going to work His good pleasure in our lives. In Philippians alone there are many "things" that He wants to do in this parenthesis area that I put up there for a visual. In Chapter 1, he wants to grow us in wisdom, to become sincere and blamless, to be filled with fruits of righteousness, we might have to come under some bonds, Christ wants to be magnified, he wants us not to fear those that oppose, and in verse 29, it is given in behalf of Christ.....to suffer. In between the start and finish he says we will suffer. In Chapter 2, here are some more "things" that needs to take place in between the parenthesis, learn lowliness of mind, to serve, be grateful, shine as lights, tell others about heaven, learn to rejoice, discipline and train our children, we might experience sickness and afflictions, and then in Chapter 4, the Lord wants us to learn to pray, be thankful, trust, have minds that dwell upon him, be content if we have or if we do not have. God has big plans in store for us and it is all in preparation to meet him, to make us more like him. All that we experience in this life might not be as we would choose but it has meaning and purpose towards His plan. He has a lot of work to do on me, but the exciting thing is it will be done!!!! He does not start something and leave it hanging or not finish it. On the other side of that, if He has a purpose to finish the project, then to get us to the finale, the end, there will be difficulties, challlenges along lifes way. We should follow more easily, but I know for me, sometimes I dig my heels in the ground, therefore, He might need to put a little "emphasis" of his will and good pleasure on me! I do not understand all the "good pleasure" of His will with taking Joel, but knowing I can trust him, the area between the parenthesis is taking place, the "performing" of the work that he has to bring about in the finishing touches of my life and our families. I do not like to read about others suffering trials and deaths of little children but what I can say to them now is, My God, yes my God, will supply all your needs according to his riches. Because He has given us this experience I can say to them My God will meet your needs!! He will meet your needs in this trial, at ground zero, where all of life seems without hope and one says "how can we go on?" Now as I look at others trials, I just seem to say to myself, "He's performing that which He started and sometimes it hurts." There is a little family that I read about this week and they are at ground zero, their 11 month old went to be with Jesus on Sunday after a very short battle with neuroblastoma (they think,) all the tests were not even back yet. I feel the depths for them.......will you join me and pray for them?

Alot of emotions going on in my head and heart, you see as Mercy gets closer to age three, its just alot of thoughts. As Feb. is to Mercy and her BD next month, Lord willing, it would be like Joel's August to him and he was so full of energy and life and seemed like health! He was going so strong. To hold a three year old again will be pure bliss and joy yet it also brings sorrow as I think of Joel. I will purposely think of what a tremendous joy it is to have this privilege!

Well..... "Life on the farm is kinda laid back"........I'm not in to country songs but that one says it all for now. We are awaiting Spring to break forth. Terry said this morning we have two rows of spinach coming up...yea!!!! The bulb flowers are about 3 inches tall. Today is beautiful, but I think eveing storms are on the horizon. I had the windows open in the bathroom the other day and as I smelled out into the evening through the screen, it was one of those moments in time, I had been there before, Oh it smelled so good, so much like Joel, an evening as when he was here with us! I miss him!

We had church at our house this past Sunday and we had a packed house for sure, about 62-64 folks!! So glad it was nice outside so all the guys could eat out there. It is a blessed fellowship for sure, so many wonderful families and LOTS of children!!!!

Better go for now.....its getting very dark outside...... Anna's making cookies for the guys, Micah and little fellows are playing ping-pong, we cleaned out the storm shelter in preparation......



Maureen said...

Thank you for writing this post today. I saw you comment on Cora's blog and your story touched my heart.

I had a stillbirth, my first baby, in 2001. It brings up so many emotions especially thinking of them being at "ground zero" as you so wonderfully put it. What has hit me is how the body of Christ is right there to lift one another up... so amazing.

Thank you for lifting me up today and reminding me that God is all about finishing the great things He has started in us.

Another Blogging Mommy ;-)

-stephanie- said...

great post, and I'm glad you are all safe from the storm.

Emma and Mommy said...

I am glad you made it through the storms, I did a lot of praying for you yesterday! My friend in Bethany/Warr Acres made it safely but only by about a mile. I saw it was headed your way next and was worried. So happy you faired well, and hope your van isn't to pinged up from the hail.

Anonymous said...

I have always wondered where in Oklahoma you live. Last Saturday we went to Bethany for a homeschool basketball game, and everytime I drive from Kansas to OKC I wonder where you live. We pass by Guthrie and for some reason that is where I think you live by. Anyway I am so glad to hear you are all safe. I wondered when I heard on TV that there were storms in Edmond. Praise God for his protection in life's storms.
Thanks for your posts! Keep em coming.