Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jeremiah is 9 !!

Jeremiah and Joel-February 2006

Today is Jeremiah's 9th Birthday!!! It just seems I wrote about his 8th! Been busy getting ready for his "Bass Pro Party." (O, Lord, help me pull this one off!!!) I did go to Bass Pro and I ask a nice man if he had any free paraphernalia, he couldn't help, so I went on getting what I needed there and a nice lady came up to me and ask if I was the one that wanted things for a party!!! Yipee, a woman to the rescue!!!! She gave me posters, tatoos, pencils, frisbees all with their logo on it and even some small Bass Pro bags to put all the party stuff in for each child!!!

Jeremiah.....what a kind and tenderhearted child, very dependable, gets the answers quickly in his school work, loves to hunt/fish, really anything outdoors, looks out for Mercy if she needs assistence, has a good work ethic going, he has a jolly heart and spirit to make us laugh, repentant when given reproof, really a young man packed in a little body!!! Jeremiah is a blessing to our family!! Our prayer for Jeremiah is that soon the Lord would give him the gift of faith and repentance and he would then start a life of service unto the Lord, to be mighty for His Kingdom, to be a Father and Husband (Lord willing) that loves his wife as Christ loves the Church, that he would have victory over sin, the flesh and the enemy all the days of his life and that the Lord would grant godly seed to come forth form his loins until the appearing of Jesus!! A tall prayer, but with the Lord, Jeremiah will go forth!!!!

Jeremiah has requested Mom's Chili, Hot Dogs, Chips and Cokes!! Bethany is making the buns so a little reprieve on the junk!!! He is having TWO desserts, Anna's arm was twisted a bit and he picked Frozen Mocha Tort and Crunchy Peanut Buter Bars!!! I have a few games we are going to play inside to add to the party atmosphere too!!! I'll get a few pictures up on this post later tonight!!

Better go and make my way through all the cedars Josh and Jeremiah cut down outside to decorate with on the table!!!


Mandy said...

Can't wait for pics! I love to see how you decorate for all the parties. I really admire how you make everything so special for each child.

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Jeremiah

-stephanie- said...

Happy 9th Birthday. Have a fun party.

Emma and Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Jeremiah! I can't wait to see pics either, Derek and I just went to Bass Pro Sohp for the first time last month, that is one awesome store!

Christine said...

The parcel has arrived! I just picked it up from the post office!
A BIG thank you for the dvds. It will be an honour to sit down and
watch the journey your family has been (and is) on.....and most
importantly to see how the Lord has worked in this!
And the toffee bars are YUM! :)
Thanks again!
God bless.

(ps. I tried to email this message earlier this afternoon but it was sent back....not sure why! So I thought that I'd try this route!)

Jessica said...

What a great birthday theme! We have a nine year old boy and it is such a joy to watch him grow into a young man. God bless!

Susan said...

Could you please share your recipes for the torte and the peanut butter bars? They should delicious.