Thursday, February 19, 2009


I know it brings delight, pleasure to my heart when a child "remembers" something I have told him/her and carries through with the instruction, order, chore, response to others or just anything I have basically told them several or many days ago or even better last week or the week before!!!! The Lord brought this thought to my mind this morning to confirm several scriptures I read in Luke 24. You might notice I have not written any particular scriptures that maybe have "leaped" out to me in several days. So that is what these verses spoke to me about this morning. I so enjoy "hearing" everyday and that would be my earnest desire and I can become down if I seem to not hear something from the Lord as I read His words. But does my faith really grow and stretch when it is saturated or would it grow more if I have to look to the unseen, like the unseen of not hearing something each and everyday? The scriptures says faith is the substance of things not seen. So the scriptures I read this morning told me to "remember/ review." Luke 24: 6 and 8, He is not here, but is risen: remember how he spake unto you when he was yet in Galilee, v. 8, And they remembered his words. And then the two fellows on the road to Emmaus had the opportunity to talk to Jesus, unknowingly, and they were quite astonished Jesus had not heard about all the events of the past few days. So Jesus in His most wonderful, wise way caused them to give a "review" of the past few days by asking the fellows, "And he said unto them, What things?" And they proceeded into a long discourse of what had taken place. It caused them to remember and to review! The next verse told me what to remember/review......Concerning Jesus of Nazareth, which was a prophet mighty in deed and word before the God and all the people. In the times of seemingly silence I need to remember Jesus of Nazareth, His Person, who He is and then I need to review His deeds and His words that He gave in the past. many scriptures I have marked in my Bible and if I were to go back and even read journal entries of scriptures that the Lord has given me in this last year and even two years, it is enough if I were to never hear from the heights of heaven again!! So this morning as I did not think I heard words from the Lord I did......He just wants me to go back and remember/review what He has done in the past, the comforts that He afforded my hurting heart, the hopes that He has given that the 9th hour will come after the 6th hour...23:44, And it was about the sixth, and there was a darkness over all the earth until the nineth hour. Just as I delight in my children "remembering," and doing/ walking in what I have told them, how much more does my Heavenly Father delight and shouldn't I desire to delight Him instead of wanting "delights" for my own self from Him? May the Lord bring to remembrance to your hearts as well truths that He has given.

Whew..... another party down and I have a break until March 19th and 21st!! Maybe someday I"ll put together a book with ideas and pictures of our Birthday' when I do not have anything else to do, hehehehe!!!!

We have a few technical circumstances we are dealing with around here, I guess you call it "life" and living on a farm. Bethany's most expensive goat that is pregnant has toxemia, yea like ladies get but this is with a goat! She is at the vet and hopefully will pull through, as it is very serious! And then we are having vehicle troubles again but his time with the truck, can you believe it???? We had to have it towed in to the mechanic!! Hopefully the truck will get dx quickly and be low cost because construction workers need a truck!!

For anybody interested Anna is available for taking pictures of your family, Senior pictures, children/grandparents, weddings, maternity or special events, even birthdays!! This week she had opportunity to take Senior pictures of a young lady whose mom we met here via this blog. The pictures below are a sample of the Senior pictures. You can e-mail her at One thing we are blessed by is the endeavors the children/ our young ladies are interested in and how it can be a means for them to expand the borders of their coast but yet still be here at home and under her fathers headship. Thank you Becky and Liz for investing in Anna's photography skills.

School orders of the day......clean bathroom......dinner preparations.......and I am sure lots of other stuff......better go!!!!

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Becky said...

Thank you so much, Anna (& Cindy, too)!

We are so happy with the photos and have already received the package. Boy do you work fast, too!

When I get prints made I'll be sure to publicize for you!


God is surely blessing us all with this new friendship & we will call Anna again if we get the opportunity.