Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Party Pictures

Great party, Jeremiah really had a good time!!! We played some games, shooting an arrow and hitting a turkey, hunting for a treasure in the dark with a flashlight, and the little ones went fishing for a prize (inside) David and Katelyn even showed up and "squalked" around with us, they are the chickens!!!!! And look at Micah......he really got into the "Bass Pro Spirit!!!"
Happy Birthday Jeremiah!!!!!!


-stephanie- said...

Looks fun! and do people really have chicken suits hanging around in their closets? :o)

Anonymous said...

Wow....your gift at giving neat parties always amazes me. Good job!

You should send a copy of that to Bass their advertising department would love it!

Mountain Mama said...

WOW-Girlfriend! What a party!! Just looking at the pictures, I initially thought you were in a private room at Bass Pro. Looks awesome.

You and your girls need to go into party coordinating. Anna can make the yummies, and you can decorate.

Jeremiah is a handsome young boy.

ps I am getting your emails. Thank you. I always love hearing from you.

Maverick and Mavette said...

Ya'll sure know how to party; no doubt about that!!! We are always blessed to spend time with you all and it was a special blessing to get to be there for Miah's birthday party! :)

And in reply to Stephanie's question... yup, some strange folks do have chicken suits etc. hanging around! :)>

Maggie said...

I Really like that pic of Mercy!! its GREAT!!!!!looks like ya'll had fun.Happy birthday Jeremiah!