Thursday, February 12, 2009


If I had to pick one of the Fruits of the Spirit, which we are not limited and all of them can be manifested in our lives, but if I could only have one of them, I think I would choose "peace." I read a verse yesterday in Phil. 4:8, And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. You see having gone through a trial and in so doing, the two areas that a trial affects the most is obviously your heart but also your mind. If one has the peace of God then basically by God's grace a person can weather what comes our way. If one has the peace of God, not just salvation, I am talking about the peace that comes through trust, confidence in One that has ALL wisdom, ALL knowledge, then our bleeding hearts can be at peace and be sustained and have a calm rest, a quietness that says,"thy will be done," and even though our hearts have not met with anything like the storm before, we can fall upon a sure foundation and hope for what is to come. And then if we can have the peace of God in our minds, this is an area that I had no idea how the Enemy was going to attack, lie, decieve and seek to steal away from. I have had so many thoughts about God, towards God that have not been good, the Deciever ( and I still have to be on guard,) seeks to get me to not think about the Lrod and His Holy, Righteous character. The enemy, more in the past, has taunted me to think that God's ways with Joel are not right, and that it was all a waste, and much more. So if one can have the peace of God in their mind as well as their heart then one can attempt to move forward with a hope and confidence that He does do ALL things well!!!! I need all the fruits of the Spirit, yet this one seems so valuable and helpful to us, those that are and will be in a trial......they will come. The peace of Christ that passes understanding, because sure as we humans are, we certainly try to "figure" things out, don"t we? and if we have the peace that will surpass our little "peanut brains" then by His grace we will come forth as gold! May He grant peace to each of our minds and hearts, our two most vunerable parts of our beings.

Whewwww....have we ever been in 4th gear today! School work done.....check! Got my hair trimmed/layered today......check! Now we are getting our Annual Valentine's Party goodies made today as we are having our party Friday night because the guys have to work on Sat. Me and the little ones made Sugar Cookies, hearts of course! Anna, wow!!!! you are not going to beeeelieeeevvve what this young lady has made.......they look and taste JUST like Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. We'll have to get some pictures to ya tomorrow after the party! She has a few more extemely delicious, lets say fancy and very Valentine things going!! She is cooking our meal and the appetizer, Bethany is making some type of Italian bread or roll and the salad, so we are in for a wonderful night!! The younger ones especially look forward to this party, its a tradition I have been doing since Caleb and Daniel were littel and my mom and dad use to come over when we lived in Arkansas. Hope you can do something special for your sweethearts/children and hubby and think about the Greatest Lover of our Soul, the Lord Jesus Christ!

Need to go and make a "sweep" through the house and get it back in order as the guys will be arriving shortly and some of them really like it clean, like you know......that fellow that rode a bull one time!!!! Side note here......Anna made 88 mini muffins this morning......all gone and Andrew says he ate 20 of making and consumption around here is MAJOR!!!!


Hannah said...

I just LOVE that picture of Mercy!! She looks like a little lady. :)

-stephanie- said...

I was just talking about such peace at a bible study this morning. I like how God confirms things, like He did to me with your post.

We baked and decorated our heart cookies tonight. :o)

Lockwoods said...

We seem to have a major food consumption epidemic around here too! And I don't even have any teen-agers yet!! But what a blessing to see how much your girls help you in that area. I'm so thankful for the help my girls give me know and even though they are little still, it really helps. And so as the boys grow (and their appetites along with them...yikes!), my girls will be growing and more and more capable too.
Tonight, Beka helped me make 45 enchiladas, a salad, refried beans, and a salsa to go with the chips....Grandpa came over for supper too...everything gone except for a bit of salad.
About half of them out eat me now and four outeat their Daddy...I have no idea where they all put it though! :)
We are making Valentine goodies and cards all day tomorrow. I love how you all make birthdays/special days so very special by making so many memories.
Sometimes I just feel so tired that I don't feel like doing much on those days, but your posts always encourage me and remind me of the fun and importance of making those days special...and I'm always so glad that I do! Thank you :)
You're in my thoughts and prayers...I often pray for you in the evenings as I'm going to sleep and the Lord brings you to my mind.

Zimms Zoo said...

Fun that you do a valentine party with your family.

For the past 6 years we have done a grandparent dinner. on valentine's day weekend. The kids dress up and act like waiters and waitresses. Fun for them and precious for the grandparents.