Friday, February 20, 2009



Shekinah Springs Studio

Caleb and Daniel have a website, thanks to their dear sister Bethany. Its still in the works, but check it out and let us know what you think and be sure and listen to some of their sample music!!! Enjoy!!!

***I wanted to also give credit to Anna for the photo of the guitar and the guys of course!!!*****


-stephanie- said...

looks great, and the music is beautiful.

Eliya said...

Good job Besh! The website looks great. Caleb and Daniel write awesome music!

Anonymous said...

Interesting; my oldest son also composes commercially, using probably much of the same computer technology for a couple small films, and looking for more professional opportunities.Love your work! Here's a link to some of his music!(he is Marcus, the one without glasses.)Thought you may like to hear what other (Christian) young men have done this side of the border!


Mountain Mama said...

Awesome! Love the background, pictures and colors. And of course the music. Nice job! A Great team.