Monday, February 16, 2009

My Mother......

Grandma and Daniel

Grandma and Caleb

Daniel and Caleb

February is my Mother's birthday and she would be 71! I am the only child and adopted at that when I was 9 months old. She went to be with the Lord, August 9, 1993, 15 1/2 years ago. Caleb and Daniel were almost 6, Bethany had just turned 4, Elijah was 2 1/2 and Anna was almost 11 months when she died. In the fall of 86 she found out she had breast cancer, underwent a mastectomy and chemo and went on to live 7 years cancer free, health and full of energy. Terry and I were married in Nov. of 86 and she and my dad provided a beautiful, huge church wedding! Nine months later we were blessed with our first babies, Caleb and Daniel!! My Mother.......what an incredible woman! Growing up, I did not grasp what a blessing I had, not until Jesus came into my heart, made me anew which was when I was almost 20 years old. At that time with the Lord's grace I sought to make up for lost time. I remember going to them and asking forgiveness for being rebellious, for hurting them and placed myself under them as my authority. My life then was going to church, getting involved in choir and with the ministry of the 10th grade girls Sunday School class and spending time with my Mom and Dad. It was at this church that I met Terry and then you know much of the rest. My Mother (and Dad) were two of the most generous people. The Lord used them in soooo many ways to provide as we got our family started. Her and my dad purchased a home there in Pine Bluff, Ar, allowed us to pick it out and we then rented the home from them. Of course when the boys came, she gave of her time and energy to help. She would come over every morning and help give them a bath, spend time and many times bring food. She was a woman with many talents. She opened her own business when I was about 12 years old, due to the fact she was fustrated at trying to find clothes to fit me. The name of the store was " Cindy's Fashion Shoppe." As I got older I assisted her with that endeavor and she was in busiiness for about 15 years. She was a seamstress, she made many smocked outfits for the boys, she was a decorator of her home and it was always so clean and inviting, she had a green thumb and always had a beautiful back patio with flowers and around their swimming pool, one thing that she could also do was fish!!!! She "out fished" my dad on most occasians. So funny was her fishing tatic, her and my dad would go out and she would have many poles hanging off the boat and he of course would troll her around and she would bring em' in!!! They had a small area in their backyard where they had a garden, she canned and was a wonderful cook! To this day I long for her Homemade Rolls! One of the things that I miss about her the most is her having the opportunity to be with her grandchildren. She loved, adored, her grandchildren, they were her life!!! Like I said her generosity was used of the Lord, she was always buying clothes for the children and blessing our lives with useful things in our home. Even when we moved to Ok, I would receive gifts of $ in the mail, telling me to go buy flowers, or get a freezer or go to Sam's and stock up!! I know Caleb, Daniel, Bethany remember her and I am so very thankful for the good times they had with her and my dad! So today as I remember her and all the touching, memorable, and even funny times we had, I wished that the 20 years of being an "unlovely"daughter outweighed the 11 years of seeking to love her with Jesus' love! Maybe somehow the Lord allowed her heart to feel it double the amount as I by His grace wanted to make up for the "lost time." What a blessing I Mother!

If you think about it, pray for me in teh coming days/weeks as I, Lord willing have the opportunity to reach out to a mommy of 2 year old twin girls and one went to be with Jesus about two weeks ago.......neuroblastoma, like Joel. I do not have answers, I just have Jesus!! Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee..... Acts 3:6


-stephanie- said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mother. I can read it in your words how much you love and miss her.

Will pray for your requests.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute to your mom. She really must have been a beautiful lady to raise such a beautiful daughter.

We will pray for this sweet lady you are reaching out to, and pray for you as you reach out to her.

Please have Terry give you a hug for us.
Be Blessed today,

Vanderpolclan said...

It is such a blessing to read someone "rising up and calling her blessed". A beautiful tribute indeed.

I pray you will have the words to minister to this sweet lady as you reach out to her.

Cindy in Canada

Christina said...

I have been praying for the family you mentioned, as well as another-the McClenahans. My heart is broken over these stories of babies and little ones with cancer. It is so unfair, as far as we are concerned. I am so grateful for the hope we have in Jesus, which is evident on your blog as well as Cora's parents'. I would like to pray for you all as well. I pray God's comfort and peace would continue to carry you through each day. You have a beautiful family.

Emma and Mommy said...

Well you did beat me to comment! Darn, I had one all pretty typed out for this blog post of yours and I guess I forgot to hit send this morning. Weird.

I was going to say that your words were so very sweet and touching and that your Mom sounds like she was a wonderful lady.I know what its like to miss a parent. My Dad died when I was a child and things have just never been the same, they have been ok, just diffrent.

I didn't know you were adopted and an only child. That must have been tough to be an only child, but I guess now atleast your children will never carry that burden, lucky them, they have whole house full of family!

Thanks for the comments on the blog apperance, I am always playing with it, I am kind of fickle on things like decorating, I see something I like and then later find something else so I change things a lot

Anonymous said...

Sweet Cindy. I was just "looking" for you tonight and came across this post. Imagine my surprise to see your last couple of sentences.
Let's talk. I think I'm ready.
Tuesday's mom