Friday, February 6, 2009

Exercise and Eating

Its almost time for the WINNER......stay tuned!!!!!!!

I probably would not make a post about this, but I was asked and I want to be an encouragement in ALL areas, so here goes. I am not by any means an expert in health, eating and exercise. There are folks out there that have way more info and plans that exceed mine. This is just my little piece of the pie.....I am a mommy that has had 13 children and felt like a "blob!!" I guess I kinda got to the end of my rope. I'll try to be tactful here as I know we have a mixed crowd. I wanted to come up with a plan that would work for me, in my home and not be expensive! Over the summer when it was warm I really enjoyed walking but I was really eating all I wanted and was not having a discipline with food choices. When it turned cold outside, I really missed walking, so in Dec. I got the treadmill. At first I was not seeking to really watch what I eat but as I saw a "few" results from just walking I decided to get with it. I have lost 16 pounds, which is not a huge amount but the thing that is more encouraging almost than the weight loss is the inches that I have lost. I use to buy size 12 and 14 skirts and now I have bought size 8 and 10's. Ok, so this is what I seek to do. I guess my motto would be "Meat and Green Stuff." Also, for me I have to do both, eat better and exercise. I really try to think about what choices I make when we have a meal. I still cook like we always do, I just do not eat some of the things I cook. I choose to eat protein and then a green thing. I do not eat breads and try to stay away from pasta, rice and potatoes. For instance, when we cook hamburgers, I do not eat one of Bethany's delicious homemade buns but rather wrap my patti in lettuce and onions, mustard, pickles. Last night we had fried steak, mashed potaotes, green beans and a salad. I ate about 3 strips of the 2 inch slices of meat, a whole bunch of beans and salad. I always try to have something green at the dinner table so I can have something to eat. If I fix a casserole, I usually have a salad and have a serving of the casserole that is about 1/4 cup. I try to eat small portions. I am not really a breakfast person, but what is optimal is to fix an egg. For lunches, I might eat an egg as well, or I might cut up an avocodo and then I eat these little mini sweet peppers by the bag. If I get hungry throughout the day I will grab an apple, orange or some more peppers. After a while of eating smaller portions, you really get full quicker, I guess something in there shrinks. Now about desserts, its not that I do not ever eat any of it, but my strategy is to get a dinner spoon and put it on there and that is my allotment. One thing that I really love and it helps my craving for caffine and choc. is coffee. I have not given it up. I only drink a cup in the morning and after dinner, no sugar just a little real creme, I guess thats my hang up! You see I do not have any great plan, its just something I can do, its discipline, wise choices and getting on the treadmill. Now about the treadmill. Just walking outside I do not think it will give the results because for me I could not seem to really exert myself like on the treadmill. I stay on for 20 minutes straight walking at a pace of 3.9 to 4. miles per hour. Mine also had the arm things that you move back and forth as you walk. I have worked my way up to this but I am goiing to start pushing the time farther now as I think my body expects the 20 minutes so I need to go further now. Anyone can get a plan but the key is consistency. I would be pleased to loose about 8 more # but it has been slow coming off now, but the inches decrease even if I stay at the same weight for a period. I have not ever sought to loose weight, but since I was not preg and not nursing, the time was right. And like I said I had motivation of just not feeling good about myself and I wanted to have energy. This is what I came up with, if its helpful then I have been blessed to share it. I hope it sounds practical and encouraging. And of course I want to be a healthy wife and mother for my family. I would say if you want to get with it, start slow and at least try to be consistent, drink lots of water and make wise choices on the food end and do it for the Lord, seeking to be a good steward of the temples He has given us!!!!!


Emma and Mommy said...

I am on the diet/excersise thing right now. Pregnancy didnt put my lbs on, I think stopping breastfeeding it was did it to me, because I started gaining about a year after I had the girls.

Just like you I am not a big breakfirst person, but an egg is usually what I do and maybe a cup of yougurt.

My problem is I am a carb junkie and I have no will power.

I have been pretty serious about the last 3 weeks of moving around more and eating better. Its hard for me becuase my husband (who also REALLY needs to lose weight but won't) keeps bringing junk food into the house! Plus the kids won't eat my "diet food" so I have to control myself from taking bites of mac and cheese and cookies. :-)

I have to admit I am a bit jealous that you have a treadmill. I so hope we can find some funds (and space) to get one soon. I walk a lot outside (2-4 miles a day, no car!) but I would love to do some of it while watching the kids play or whatever and have it to help me keep track of how much I have done.

Vanderpolclan said...
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Vanderpolclan said...

Thanks so much for posting this. I am in need of some encouragement in this department.

I enjoy reading your blog. The movie about Joel was very heart-wrenching and thought-provoking. May God contine to bless you in all your days. We know our strength comes from Him alone.
God bless.

Cindy in Canada

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post on eating and exercising. I like the meat and green thing. Maybe I will try that! 16 pounds is alot and I would love to lose that much. Way to go Cindy. Now, I hope you get pregnant :)

Heather from Ontario Canada said...

Good job Cindy.....keep up the good work!!