Saturday, December 6, 2008

This Blog and YOU!!!!

On December 7, 2006 we made our first, (Terry did) entry on this blog. You can re-read if you like here. At the time we were just hoping to get info out to our family and friends in this area, little did we know that Joel's story would reach so many across the United States and other countries, but that just testifies to how big the Lord is and how His plans are much higher than ours. I do not consider our trial unique, I have since read so many others that are taken through difficulties and straights and I believe it is all for a common purpose, His purpose, to refine, purify,and sometimes chasten. I have read some that embrace His will and can come to rest that He does all things well and then I have read about a few that turn away from the Lord with bitterness and an anger that somehow they seem to think "we do not deserve this." Yet in reality what we truly deserve has not been given if we are a believer and blood washed in Christ, He has taken the punishment for our sin. I think one of the things that I am learning in a deeper way is that I can trust the Lord with His plan. I certainly can not understand it, yet there is this deep, peaceful sense that He really is doing things to benefit me and not to purposefully hurt or cause me to have a rotten life. Now sometimes in my mind that battle is going back and forth because I think in my own reasoning that why could not I have learned that with Joel instead of with out him?" After almost two years, I am able to say with my heart "thank you. Lord," and its because I feel in the depths of my heart I can trust His call, his plans. As a mommy I will always miss him and have deep feelings that come out by way of tears, but I trust Him.

This past Jan. 2008, we connected the blog to a tracker that tells us how many folks visit us. This is what I want you all to see because this is your 11 months we have had 67,906 visits. I wish we would have had it connected the previous year but even if it was half that, it would be close to 100,000 visits. I can not write words that can say thank you to YOU! You have encouraged, laughed, cried with us on this journey. Some have been with us from the very start. I pray and desire that you will always see Jesus and not the Morris family, we have only survived this because of Him, His grace, His mercies and the truth of the words of Christ that gives us hope each day that we will be with Joel again one day. So now as we continue on still healing, still sharing the heartaches that are stronger on some days, I also want to encourage others in the truth, that even though you may not be in a trial as ours, I want to exhort you in the words of Christ, I want to encourage other mommy's in childrearing and training, I want to learn along with you to be the helpmates to our dear husbands, to be as lights to a dark and perverse generation, and to share the happenings of the Morris family, the farm adventures and the ways the Lord provides as Terry works with his sons in our own business. There is no question that our family could not have communicated with 67,000 people in 11 months, but it is through Joel's life and journey He has granted us the privilege to meet you via this blog. What an amazing little life, but more than that what an AMAZING GOD!!! Please know that we are grateful, humbled and give praise to the Lord for YOU!!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas meal with my Dad and Shirley, and now getting ready for the afternoon as the children participate in the Journey Through Bethlehem in Guthrie. Hope to see some of you there.

Again, thank you for keeping on with us!!



Emma and Mommy said...

I found yoru blog back in the early days, and remember reading the first posts. I saw you on the local news, after Joel's court case was brought forth. I remember being drawn to your story, because I knew the dr in question and also because Joel was a twin like me and my girls. I remember praying so hard back in those days for Joel's recovery, crying so much through his battle, and then rejoicing when I came to realize that he might have lost his earthly battle but won the ultimate eternal reward.

So I checked out the blog and have returned almost daily to check for updates.

One day we will meet, but in away I feel I already know your family from your words. Like I said the other day its truly been one of the biggest blessing of my life to learn about Joel and "get to know" your family. I am so glad you kept the blog going.

Lockwoods said...

I too still remember the day I found your blog...right after sweet Joel went home to be with Jesus.
I still remember kneeling at my bed and crying as I prayed for your family.
And since that day, I have thanked the Lord most every morning as I continue to pray for you all for allowing me the blessing of "meeting" you and for all He has taught me through precious Joel's life, and through you all.
I still talk with Daniel at night sometimes and say, "When we get to visit the Morris Family someday, it will be so fun to do such and such...."
Thank you for allowing the Lord to bless so many through sharing your heart and how He has given you the grace, strength and all you need through everything.
Yes, Jesus Christ is seen in the Morris Family!