Saturday, December 13, 2008

Friday Night Fun.....

Terry kept the younger six, stayed home in the warm toasty house, and likely played "tea party" with Mercy. I took the older six, Caleb, Daniel, Bethany, Elijah, Anna and Micah and we had a little adventure on OKC!! We had already had our evening meal and even our after dinner coffee, Anna says "we need to do something," and guess what?, I thought up the idea of our little adventure. We headed to OKC to the Myriad Gardens to see and walk around all the lit up trees, it was really beautiful! We parked around the Main street and Walker area and started walking. Through the Gardens first then on to the canal walk in Bricktown and then we walked on to Bass Pro......this was a lot of walking for those who know where we parked and how far it ended up. On the way back we had to stop in Starbucks and get us something warm to drink, which the guys treated us to!! We made it back to the van and then drove a short distance to the ice skating rink that is outside. We watched for a bit and found out that it was rented by the group there so not just anyone could skate. Soon a nice student came up and offered us to be a part of the group and said we could get the group rate at $5 a person. Daniel and Micah went first and they did not do too bad, then Caleb and I tried, of course I have not skated in probably 30 years, so I was visiting that wall alot!! Bethany and I both needed assistance, maybe next time for us we'll be a little more "showey." Caleb, Daniel and Micah were able to get around the rink! Anna and Elijah did not go for it, Elijah said maybe when he had his cover-alls....extra padding!! Good idea!! We stayed there until closing which was at midnight so a late night getting home. It was fun night and I enjoyed being with the children. I pray it makes a good memory for them!

Saturday agenda.... Terry, Caleb and Daniel and maybe some of the little fellows are going to work tomorrow, as they are trying to get as much done on this house they are working on before the ice and stuff predicted at the first of the week. It is likely they will be home for a few days next week with the weather. Elijah and Bethany are heading to Stillwater in the morning for feed and Elijah is renting a tractor to do some work around here. Anna is going to take some Christmas pictures of a family we know after lunch. So you see, its going to be busy!!

I have to mention what this day Dec. 12th, was in 06, (I know this post is on the 13th, but I am still up) it was the day, we brought Joel home from the hospital after his 8 1/2 day stay. He was so happy to be home. I remember as we settled in for the night, he got in my bed for a while but then he wanted to go lay on his little mattress in his room. I do not think the thoughts of "I can not believe all this really happened," will ever fade. I just see his little face in my mind and just miss him so. Keep moving forward, Cindy......

Have a happy weekend ......



Emma and Mommy said...

What beautiful pictures! Sounds like you guys had a fun time. I have only ice skated two times in my life, but am great at roller skating. Too bad I didn't meet up with you, I could have hugged the wall with you all night. Ha Ha

As per your comment on my blog. Yes Violet is a big doggie. We got her when we thought we were going to move to a house and it didn't work out so I have a big dog in the house, its not fun. She likes to whack the Christmas tree with her tail. She is really just a big med. size dog but not a lap dog for sure, but don't tell her that she climbs in my lap about 10 times a day!

I would love a smaller dog and am in love with both Duffy and Dooley. But I made the mistake of telling my hubby I thought the breed Violet is, was super smart and would love to have one some day. Which is the truth, but gosh I meant when we had a yard. She would probably have fun at a place like yours where she could run more.

Got to get the kids ready, we are going to my inlaws in a few hours, should post a blog on it later or tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening out. Still praying for you all.

Mountain Mama said...

What a fun evening! What a blessing to just "be" with your children. No agenda. Just good 'ol fun. I am sure tons of memories were made that cold wintery night.