Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas with Paps.....

I just wanted to post a few pictures of the children's Christmas with their grandfather and Shirley. We had a fun time and by the time all the paper was torn off it looked like a disaster, then they were off to put things together and really begin the "fun." My dad and Shirley are such a blessing, the Lord has used them as a means many times for provision and we are so grateful for their generous hearts. Micah is especially on top of the mountain as his grandfather brought his 4-wheeler and a muzzle load gun and put them in Micah's charge. You know our motto is "we break it or loose it," so we'll see how long they last!!! The 4 wheeler will be a great source of help, taking the trash and hauling wood!!! Mercy is especially happy with her doll house and tea set. Andrew got a Bear Compound Bow, Micah got an assortment of hunting paraphernalia, Anna got a beautiful silver watch, a shirt and some books, Bethany got a silver chain and her puppy, Josiah made a haul with fireman playmobiles, camo clothes, coon hat, rubber boots, Caleb and Daniel both got black leather jackets......dudes now!!! Jeremiah came away with a BB pistol and a Leatherman, Hosie was blessed with a watch, playmobile camper, a glass tea set, Josh got a Leatherman, knife and some Legos, and Elijah got some really nice cowboy boots, and Terry and I are getting a custom made solid oak computer desk which should be ready in a week or so, (thanks Mr. Chatham) and little Dooley and Duffy got a toy!!!! If you look under the tree in one of the pictures, you'll see Joel's cowboy boots, and our tree has all cowboy ornaments on it and those are Andrew's chaps around the bottom of it.

Today is Elijah's 18th Birthday!!! Anna made him homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast and they were fantastic!!! He is having a "Dodge Party." The kind man at the car dealership made my day......I called yesterday and asked if they had any Dodge paraphernalia and he said come by this morning, was I ever glad about all the stuff he gave, banners and flags, and all free!!! I then went to Wal Mart and they had ONE Dodge baseball hat on the shelf, and then I found a cheap re-mote Dodge truck for a center piece, and added some red Christmas lights and we have it all ready for the party..... I'll post a few pictures later tonight!!!



Paulette said...

Wow generous Grandparents!! my 2 children are the only 2 grandchildren and they get nothing from there grandparents, when my husband left our home so did they!
But that is ok,we are blessed dispite it.
Give Paps an extra hug, he and Shirly are special!
Blessings to your family.

-stephanie- said...

Wow, such fun and how generous!
You have some beautiful children.

Lockwoods said...

Oh, these pictures made my day! :) My little ones and Daniel have been gone all day doing errands and I miss them, so this post was so fun! :)
What sweet grandparents to bless you all with so much! I LOVE Mercy's doll house! It's so big, she can almost crawl in herself! I can imagine all the fun she and her sisters will have playing with it!
I love all the cowboy boot ornaments around the tree. I know that makes it all the more special. And to think that Jesus left his Father in Heaven, to be born here so long ago, to give us LIFE!!! The day is drawing nearer! :)
Happy Birthday to Elijah!!! Have a wonderful birthday!
love and prayers,