Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas


The Morris Family

We are so blessed, first because of Christ, His rich mercies and grace that He has given.... to us, so undeserving, yet He sent His Son for His people, His Bride, His church. We are so blessed because of family and friends, and you all, many we have not met but you continue to encourage and come along side as we seek to follow the Lord through this path that He has given. How we desire to be a light to this world, to shine for Him even in our darkest trial. May we boldly say, "He is Faithful." you know much about us already but for the record......

Caleb and Daniel~ 21~ enjoying the work alongside of their father and brother, (Elijah), completed work on a big project doing some of the music for the Pendragon movie, have recently started saving and are seeking to prepare for their fields, Caleb got his braces off...yea!! I am blessed with their growing faith and dependence upon the Lord.

Bethany~19~ what can I say about this young lady.....busy!!!! from baking bread daily, soap making, managing the goat farm, studying and reading and getting knowledge of how to improve her herd, and that does not include all the ways she ministers to her siblings and helps her mom!! I am blessed that her heart is to please the Lord, in modesty, in honoring her parents and loving her siblings unselfishly.

Elijah~18~ a working machine!!!! still loves to play football with all the brothers, so very generous, his work ethic is "get er' done." I am blessed by Elijah;s sensitivity to make things right with others.

Anna~16~ well....we would all starve to death of desserts if it were not for this young lady. She is my wonderful kitchen worker!! Anna, LOVES to take pictures and continues to amaze me with her abilities. Her behind the scenes passion is her cows, she knows a lot about these creatures as she reads info on the internet. I am blessed by Anna's tender love she gives to her younger siblings.

Micah~14~ a huntin' man!! you talk about persevering even when you don't bring the the "big one" in. My main man too around the house as the guys are away! A leader because all the little ones follow him. I am blessed by Micah's smile and how he keeps us "rollin."

Andrew~12~ he may be quiet as a mouse but if you ask Andrew to carry out a duty, it will get done. Andrew enjoys huntin' as well, we'll see who brings one in first, my guess is "Dewey," I am blessed by Andrew's kindness as he spends time with his younger siblings.

Joshua~10~you can't hardly find him around here.....camouflage apparel!! Josh and Jeremiah could be Siamese twins, in that they are together all the time. Joshua likes to work too, taking trash with the 4 wheeler. I am blessed by Joshua's quick response to get his chores done inside so he can go out and hunt!

Jeremiah~8~ he is our medicine if we need a heart lift! Jeremiah loves to hunt. He is a good worker gettin' the boys room in shape. I am blessed by "Miah's" heart to help teach Siah and Hosie as they play outside together.

Hosanna~6~ my princess, what a mommy's helper and care giver to her little sister Mercy. She and Josiah are major buddies! I am very blessed by Hosanna's tender heart as she receives reproof.

Joel~ enjoying pleasures forever sweet "Balley," I still love you!!

Josiah~5~ my little man, I love him "double" the amount. He does not seem to tire of me huggin' and lovin' on him for Balley too. He loves to snuggle in my arms. Loves the farm, loves boy stuff...huntin', trampoline, bikes. I am blessed by Josiah's heart to give his mother all the kisses she wants!!

Mercy~she's 2 1/2....remember??? this little lady fills my, our heart with such joy and wonder. She's precious, so tiny, so sweet, has a laugh like Joel, she is still pursued by all her brothers and it will be a mercy a "guy" could ever get close to this little princess!! "Better walk a tight rope, Timmy!!" She is totally delightful, almost yummy to eat!!

We do have four other precious treasures in heaven.....we'll meet one day!!

Terry and I~old~Terry is getting gray quickly, but that is just a by product of his wisdom in the Lord.....I love him!!! Me, well I am just super duper blessed!! ( I see stray grays on me too)

We pray your Christmas is blessed and we are so grateful for each of you!!!

The Morris Family


-stephanie- said...

Such a beautiful and blessed family. A blessed Christmas to all of you.

Emma and Mommy said...

Merry Christmas, have a blessed holiday. You are such a wonderful family

Mountain Mama said...

OK. I LOVE that picture of your family. Absolutely beautiful.

So nice to get a little snippet of each ones character and personality. What sweet blessings you have.

Merry Christmas to all of you!!
ashley and family

creative gal said...

Thank you for letting us have glimpses into your family! Mery Christmas to you all!