Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Still Learning to be Grateful....

I had some coffee last night at 11 am, I should not have done that, I tossed and turned until 2 am. We slept late this morning so that has thrown the whole day off, almost puts you in a bad mood. Mercy slept until 11:45, so she missed breakfast and enjoyed lunch. It is doing sleet stuff outside, the guys are out in it and they are cold but must persevere! We have got the wood stove going so we are nice and toasty.

I think since Mercy is the baby she is getting royal treatment and gets by with much.....at bedtime she has this routine....she has to lay in mommy and daddy's bed a "fuuu minutes." As she is laying there most of the time not one bit sleepy she talks about many things, she tells us about the "cow-oytes" in the pasture, she tells Terry she can not scratch his back because she is going to sleep, she says she is going to be "real" still and go to sleep, and she says "this is not going to work," (the sleeping arrangement) she says she has to put her passy "on," and she says "lord willin, I get in mommys bed in mornin when daddy goes to wurk." And on the side if you ask her old she is, she says "two and 1/2." I love the little voice and words that she tries to say. She is surely our little rainbow as we journey through the storm!!

I read in Ex. this morning. How is it that when God does things for us, its not long that we forget and can begin to murmur? The Israelites had just been delivered, 15:3, So Moses brought Israel from the Red sea, and they went out into the wilderness of Shur; and they went three days in the wilderness, and found no water. (v.24) And the people murmured against Moses, saying what shall we drink? Here they were just three days out from witnessing a great miracle, the parting of the Red sea, that was major!! And now just three days later they have forgotten and are complaining.......this is to me, why do I do this?, I know it is my sin nature, I wished I could "get it." Learning to be grateful is something very pleasing to the Lord, I surely want to be. Like I have said before, I see the glass half empty and Terry sees it half full. I want to remember what He has done in the past and look with joy of what He can and will do in the future instead of doubting and acting like "oh well, if He doesn't provide it, then no big deal." I guess I felt a little reproof here this morning that I need to be grateful for what He does, what he doesn't do and what he can do!!

Did you see the picture of the beautiful computer desk? I wish I had a taken a picture of what took its place, but I can describe it and then you"ll know why we are so excited....it was a five foot piece of white Formica on four screw in legs and it had a sway belly! Mr. Chatham custom made this, it is solid oak, even the drawers inside and out, there is no plywood at all!! We still have to put the pulls on the drawers yet. If you need something he is the man that can do it for ya!! You can contact him if you like, he's going to get a site up soon I think. Brian Chatham [brianchatham@pldi.net]

Anna is making our meal tonight. Bethany went to the post office. Hosanna is reading and playing with Josiah and Mercy. All the other boys that are here are outside, probably hunting! They are enjoying the 4-wheeler.

We are still blessed by many that are still ordering Joel's Journey, we sold 15 last week and we get orders through the internet, so thank you for keeping "Joel's memory going."

The Pendragon DVD's were suppose to shipped out on Monday, so you should be seeing yours soon. Don't forget to let us know what ya think about it. You can go here and order yours if you like. The Burns family are wonderful folks, Caleb and Daniel have sure enjoyed working with them!!

Not much else for now, stay warm if your in OK. I am so blessed to have all you out there!!!!



Gerritnow said...

Hey, I love your photos..they are really nice...

-stephanie- said...

your desk is stunning! your daughter is gorgeous. and amen on what you wrote about being more grateful. I'm asking God to teach me in that department too.

eliyaforster said...

The desk is BEAUTIFUL! What a blessing! Our computer desk looks a bit like your old one. LOL I'm just glad to have one. Being without is a great way to make you thankful. Reminds me of one of the things my little sister listed as something she is thankful for... Toilets! (our septic has backed up enough times that it makes us realize the value of usable toilets =D).
Mercy is adorable! I love seeing pictures of her (and the rest of your children or course!). I miss having truly small ones around - our youngest is already 7! Thanks for posting again.

Emma and Mommy said...

What a beautiful desk. But my fave picture is the one of Mercy, she has a smile that could melt the coldest of hearts. What a beautiful little girl.

( : The Ahlgrens : ) said...

That is so wonderful that you are still selling many DVDs! During the morning of the day you posted this, I had been praying a lot that the Lord would continue to prompt people to buy them! It is so incredible to see that the Lord hears our prayers and knows our needs even before we ask!!! (: He knows how to make it happen! ;)
Hope ya'll are having an adventure filled day! Keep cozy!