Thursday, December 18, 2008

Good Job Everyone!!

***Editing a statement I made in this post,"I like the results I am getting too." I do not like the way that sounds, so scratch that and forgive me and I'll rephrase that with " the treadmill is enjoyable to both young and old." Thanks *******

What fun !!!! Everyone did a great job guessing and were creative and there are even more ideas for us mommy's :) Yes, we recently got a treadmill. I so enjoyed walking this summer and fall and have missed it so much. I like the results I am getting too:) I have to put the two together, watching what I eat and exercise. I feel so much better when I do those two!! For the warm weather, the trampoline is the energy release for the little people, but stuck in the house...what do they do when it is terribly cold??? I had no idea that the treadmill would knock the tied up energy in them!! Now, would they go walk on the road as fast as possible for 10 minutes if I suggested it????? NO WAY!!! This monstrous machine will help take care of that!! I really do not plan on jogging, just increasing the walk pace.

Now the rest of the story....some of you are probably wondering where we put this thing, as now we have wall to wall furniture. Well its the same size as a baby bed except a little Mercy's bed in our room came down and went right in there. But it has not been without a transition phase. When we first put her little mattress in the girls room, oh she was so excited, she wanted to go get her nighties on and then she layed, got up, played. But then when it was really time for bed.....whew!!! it was tough.....Finally Terry went and rocked her a bit and layed her down. Early in the morning I checked to make sure she was covered up, I did not see or feel her on her bed, I thought she might have rolled under Bethany's bed. I looked in Anna's too, not there. I looked in Bethany's and there she was, Bethany, Mercy, Duffy and Dooley all snuggled together in a twin bed. That day she had even taken her nap in it, I do not know what went wrong! Next night scenero....Terry and I were already in bed and here she comes "want in mommy's bed." We have got to figure this out. I really do not mind, she is so sweet and tiny, I would love for Joel to be snuggled in my bed, so when you go through something like that, these situations with sleeping arrangements are almost silly to get stressed out about. I am thankful she can crawl up in our bed!!!

Bethany and Anna did a lot of baking today that was pre-ordered, cin. rolls, raisin bread, banana bread. It has all been delivered and kitchen clean!! The van is back rollin" but wow that was an ouch to the pocketbook!! Thankful its all fixed!!

Just to boost Anna's heart, remember David and Katelyn had Anna take their wedding pictures back in Oct. Well, they went to pick them up at Wal Mart and the lady said they could not have them unless they had a signature from the one that took the "professional pictures." David tried to convince the lady that the photographer was under 18. He mentioned about her not being able to drive there and help with the situation. This lady was not believing David that a friend/amateur photographer had taken the pictures. She was saying stuff like, "all the angles and stuff, that is professional." Ended up David had to sign a paper of sorts saying he would not sue Wal Mart for printing the "professional pictures." Thought that little story would encourage Anna and then it can go in her portfolio for those who might use her and see she does a great job!!!

Better go....we are going to the little Christmas pageant in Guthrie. We are waiting on the WINNERS to e-mail their address....are you ready for some yummy stuff?? I am so blessed to be able to give something back to you all, fun with the game and the reward to those who won. Have to think of something else to do soon!!!!


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Could you please email me? I'd like to find out about Anna taking some pictures of my daughter for her senior year pics. Thanks.