Tuesday, December 30, 2008

He Knows.....

Yesterday morning I got up a little after 5 am and headed out to grocery shop, reason being, we were expecting the Burnett family in the afternoon to come play with us and then Mr. Burnett to join us for our evening meal and then fellowship and fun for the evening. Elijah and Bethany went to pick Danielle up at the airport so they missed out on a bit of the evening. We had Mexican food, Mrs. B and I caught up on girley news, and she even helped me organize a few picture items, oh...I even got her to try out the new treadmill!! We played the game Taboo and then later when Bethany and Elijah got back with "Dannie" we played a game called "Family game." There is nothing like families being together with their children and having fun. The children played Dutch Blitz with two decks and 16 people, they played partners.....whew.....that was VERY loud!!!

Its a whirlwind around here this morning. We are trying to get the house in order. I have to take the guys their lunch and some tools they forgot. They have started with the framing job of that big Build Block house they built. I have some Christmas exchanges to make. Also this week I am trying to get Caleb and Daniel's clothes together for their San Antonio trip this coming weekend. Seeing what they need, getting it all washed and ironed. Bethany is suppose to be in charge of her stuff.....guys just need help!!!

A friend asked how I was doing the other day.....and was wondering once Jan. is over did I think it would be better and the answer is a big YES!! Everyday I have to face "what were we doing today?" It's heavy and a dark feeling but it is so wonderful that as I have all these "feelings" the Lord comes in as a soft rain bringing truth to this desperate heart. It is a challenge on my part to let faith and patience have her perfect work. I read a scripture in Matthew 10:29 this morning and it once again brings a confidence to my heart that His plan for Joel is right! Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father. Nothing has been done or will be done without His knowing, apart from His will. His perfect providences have been done. There is no peace when we "lean" on our own understanding, there is only peace and rest when we can fling ourselves upon these truths. There is so much here to meditate upon. In each of our lives, even the minutest detail is known of Him. May we all find solace as we face the situations in our lives. Its not just a "me" trial or journey, so many are facing difficulties.....the truth shall set us free!!

I must "git," the guys are needing their tools. Stay upon Jehovah!!!


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